SESMA Little Dragons

little-dragonsLittle Dragons Karate

Classes available at Norwich & Newmarket SESMA

Little Dragons karate is unique, in that it is solely aimed at the 4-6 year olds. Learning a martial art at a young age helps with the development of the mind, improves concentration, suppleness, motor-skills and fitness.

However, children of this age group need to be taught at a different pace and way than the older children. This is due to their limited understanding of instructions and the shorter concentration span that young children have.

Because of these differences, more care has to be taken in the teaching, stretching and understanding of the children. The class consists of games to help with the teaching of the techniques in a way that the children will find fun and easy to learn.

Some of the basic elements we teach:

  • When & when NOT to use karate
  • Focus
  • Self defence
  • Confidence
  • Channelling excess energy
  • Muscle & bone names
  • Controlling anger/frustration
  • Anti-bullying and stranger awareness
  • Self discipline

Norwich SESMA Studio

Little Dragons (4-6yrs) Beginners Intro: Monday 4-4:30pm   Tuesday 4-4:30pm
Wednesday 4-4:30pm  Thursday 4-4:30pm

Houldsworth Valley Scout Centre

Little Dragons (4-6yrs) & Karate (6+yrs) Beginners Intros: Wednesday 5:30-6pm

Newmarket Leisure Centre

Little Dragons (4-6yrs) & Karate (6+yrs) Beginners Intros: Friday 5:30-6pm