New Mantis Children’s Protector Course

SESMA are pleased to announce that they have been chosen to teach the Mantis children’s protection programme that is in partnership with the Anti-Bullying Alliance hosted by the National Children’s Bureau, in the Norfolk area.

SESMA was chosen due to its commitment to helping children with confidence and bullying issues. Its work with the local police, schools and Broadland Council. The successful 6 Kinds of Best programme developed by Master Wayne for use in martial art schools was also a deciding factor in being chosen.

The MANTIS (Manage Any Nasty Trouble In Society) children’s protector is a unique stand-alone programme and is for children with or without martial art experience or interest. It combines an interactive DVD teaching tool (which can be played on an Xbox or Playstation) with an eight-week practical course taught at carefully selected martial arts schools.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance hosted by the National Children’s Bureau with whom we have partnered, believe this is an initiative which:

  • can help reduce bullying and child abduction
  • increase children’s safety and well-being
  • Create profound change in people’s lives by contributing to a safer environment and building self-confidence.
  • Increase learning ability and focus.


The Children’s Protector is a unique programme which

Lauren Seager-Smith, National Coordinator, Anti-Bullying Alliance, says:  ‘We want all of our children to live happy, fulfilled lives without fear of bullying. The ‘Children’s Protector’ is a powerful tool to empower children in the face of a physical attack.  All of us – whether children or adults can benefit from learning these simple techniques’

The Mantis programme is a practical, easy and fun way for a child to learn basic self-defense techniques and know just enough to be able to escape violence, get away from being grabbed and then know what to do next having escaped it.