SESMA Anti Bullying Workshops

Sesma has provided many schools in the Norfolk and Suffolk area with anti-bullying workshops as part of the “National Anti-Bullying Week”. These schools have found the workshop very useful and the children come away knowing how to deal with bullying issues after being taught in a fun and jovial way. test

The course instructor works within the school time table and can teach up to 30 children at a time with the presence of a member of staff.

The content of the course:

1) How to identify a bully or bullying
2) Can we stop ourselves from being bullied?
3) Look confident with our body language and eye contact.
4) Confidence using the sound of our voice.
5) Name calling.
6) Be positive not negative.
7) Controlling and coping with our emotions.
8) How to protect ourselves.

As you can see from the course content, the workshop is very informative on how to identify, prevent and cope with bullying.

The workshops are mainly aimed at year groups Reception to Year 6 as there is a lot of interactive play and scenario based learning within the workshops.
The Workshops can be taught to Year 7 to Year 11, but other considerations need to be taken in to account.

The workshops do not necessarily need to be run in the National Anti-bullying week, as the workshop can be adapted to target confidence building and controlling anger.

If you would like a Workshop to be run at your school or you may have some issues you wish to discuss about your own child, then please feel free to contact SESMA.

Reepham Primary School

“The staff and children all appreciated the dragon breaths and the idea of not accepting a bad name….it stays with the person who said it! Great idea”.
“The children remembered a lot of what you said in the past, and enjoyed making contact with you again”.
“We look forward to working with you again in the future”.

Rosie Dickens Key Stage 1 Leader