The South Eastern School of Martial Arts (SESMA) have been teaching martial arts (karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, kungfu) in Norwich for over 20 years and Newmarket over 12 years.
SESMA are seen as a local expert in areas of Anti-Bullying, Personal Safety and Life-skills by the media and have been invited by TV and Radio to give advise and interviews.

The SESMA Studio in Norwich is one of the largest professional martial art centres in the area and hosts many great facilities for the budding martial artist whether you are looking for Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing or Kungfu.

SESMA Studio is also a Life Skills Centre. SESMA’s qualified staff run confidence building classes and Anti-Bullying Workshops at the studio as well as working with schools apart of their PSHE curriculum.

All the instructors are fully qualified, insured, trained in 1st Aid & Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and are all CRB checked with many of them teaching in schools as part of the Local Authorities “Every Child Matters” objective.

The instructors are keen to help develop every student to their full potential and SESMA is proud to have helped 100’s of children feel more confident about themselves and contributed to improving school work by increasing children’s concentration and focus.

Parents of children with learning difficulties like Autism, ADD and ADHD have found that participating in a martial art has greatly improved their child’s concentration and co-ordination.

The SESMA Martial Arts Studio opened in February 2005. The Studio is situated 7miles from the City Centre and is accessible from the Ring Road and the A47 Southern Bypass.

The Studio is equipped with:

  • A wall to wall matted area measuring 14 square metres with a regulation sized sparring area inserted.
  • A 10 metre mirrored wall to help students focus and concentrate on improving their techniques.
  • A unique 8 metre bag frame with a large variation of bags to help improve kicking and punching power as well as accuracy.
  • A private fitness suite to improve fitness and health for those that wish to take advantage of the personal fitness sessions available to members and non members.
  • A 6m x 6m competition area to increase the sparring experience for students who may be interested in competing in tournaments.
  • A large viewing lounge with seating and hot/cold refreshments for parents wanting to watch their children or wait in comfort.
  • A martial arts shop with a large selection of sparring equipment and training weapons.
  • A 12 metre viewing area for spectators of karate competitions.
  • A 6m x 6m four rope boxing ring for kickboxers that want ring experience. It is also used for kickboxing and boxing competitions.

SESMA works with:

  • Local schools giving advice about bullying issues.
  • Community Police with child safety & anti-bullying.
  • Broadland District Council
  • Forest Heath District Council
  • Nest & The Youth Sport Trust
  • Change 4 Life giving families health advice.
  • ASDA’s Sporting Chance free classes for under privileged children.
  • Vue Cinema providing SESMA karate demo team for opening of block buster films.
  • Lucozade Sport
  • O2 Awards
  • Coca Cola who are an official Olympic sponsor

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