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Anti-Bullying Classes

Sesma has provided many schools in the Norfolk and Suffolk area with anti-bullying workshops as part of the “National Anti-Bullying Week”. These schools have found the workshop very useful and the children come away knowing how to deal with bullying issues after being taught in a fun and jovial way. test

The course instructor works within the school time table and can teach up to 30 children at a time with the presence of a member of staff.

The content of the course:

1) How to identify a bully or bullying
2) Can we stop ourselves from being bullied?
3) Look confident with our body language and eye contact.
4) Confidence using the sound of our voice.
5) Name calling.
6) Be positive not negative.
7) Controlling and coping with our emotions.
8) How to protect ourselves.

As you can see from the course content, the workshop is very informative on how to identify, prevent and cope with bullying.

The workshops are mainly aimed at year groups Reception to Year 6 as there is a lot of interactive play and scenario based learning within the workshops.
The Workshops can be taught to Year 7 to Year 11, but other considerations need to be taken in to account.

The workshops do not necessarily need to be run in the National Anti-bullying week, as the workshop can be adapted to target confidence building and controlling anger.

If you would like a Workshop to be run at your school or you may have some issues you wish to discuss about your own child, then please feel free to contact SESMA.

“The staff and children all appreciated the dragon breaths and the idea of not accepting a bad name….it stays with the person who said it! Great idea”. “The children remembered a lot of what you said in the past, and enjoyed making contact with you again”. “We look forward to working with you again in the future”.
Rosie Dickens
Key Stage 1 Leader - Reepham Primary School


MANTIS and the Anti-Bullying Alliance hosted by the National Children’s Bureau

5 Week practical, easy, and fun course for a child to learn basic self-defense techniques and know just enough to be able to escape violence, get away from being grabbed and then know what to do having escaped it. The course includes interactive DVD teaching tool.

Next Course date,venue & price: Please phone SESMA 01603 528689 to log your interest and details for next course date.
Venue: SESMA Studio, £25 includes interactive learning DVD.

Contact SESMA on 01603 528689 to book your place or to more info on course

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to help keep our children safe. On that I am sure we can all agree.

MANTIS (Manage Any Nasty Trouble In Society) has drawn on its own extensive teaching experience and world-leading self-defence expertise to create The Children’s Protector. We, and The Anti-Bullying Alliance hosted by the National Children’s Bureau with whom we have partnered, believe this is an initiative which:

  • can help reduce bullying and child abduction
  • increase children’s safety and well-being
  • Create profound change in people’s lives by contributing to a safer environment and building self-confidence.
  • Increase learning ability and focus.

The Children’s Protector is a unique programme which combines an interactive DVD teaching tool (which can be played on an Xbox or Playstation) with an eight-week practical course taught at carefully selected local martial arts academies, which SESMA South Eastern School of Martial Arts has been chosen for the Norfolk area.
This is not a new martial art. This is a practical, easy and fun way for a child to learn basic self-defense techniques and know just enough to be able to escape violence, get away from being grabbed and then know what to do having escaped it.

Lauren Seager-Smith, National Coordinator, Anti-Bullying Alliance, says:  ‘We want all of our children to live happy, fulfilled lives without fear of bullying. The ‘Children’s Protector’ is a powerful tool to empower children in the face of a physical attack.  All of us – whether children or adults can benefit from learning these simple techniques’

We are saying to parents: would you like your child to be able to extract themselves from a dangerous and threatening situation and know what to do next?

SESMA is the registered & official centre in Norfolk

My son attended the MANTIS Programme – Max truly enjoyed the class and as a parent it was great to see him gain physical and mental stamina – the classes were a huge boost to his self confidence and the physical conditioning helped him excel in the other activities. The skills he learned in the MANTIS Programme benefited him in all areas – in the classroom, on the field, and at home – I believe in the MANTIS Programme and would strongly encourage any parent to introduce their children to it! With all that I have said about Max what I noticed the most about the MANTIS Programme is how it affected the other children in the class – there were both boys and girls in the class that were shy, had two left feet, and minimal self confidence and awareness at the beginning – with the help of the children’s protector they improved their physical abilities and most importantly improved their self confidence! Truly amazing
Grant Hatfield
The Mantis System has provided our daughter with the skills and mindset to keep her safer both now and in the future. Mantis is a wonderful system that has helped our daughter in many ways. I would advise any parent to get hold of the Children’s protector and spend a small amount of time each day learning it
Mike and Lisa