SESMA Junior & Adult Karate

junior-karateJunior & Adult karate classes available at Norwich & Newmarket SESMA

The Junior & Adult karate classes are aimed for ages 6 and above classes cover a lot more than the basic kicks and punches taught in the Little Dragons classes.
Classes are aimed at making the students a more rounded martial artist, with being able to defend themselves in distance, close quarter and ground scenarios.
The classes are split in to ability by using a coloured belt System. White Belt (Beginners) to Blue Belt (Intermediate Black) tend to train in the same class time. The Junior & Adult Karate 2nd Blue Belts (Advance) train in our Elite Leadership classes. We split the classes so that the instructors can tailor the classes to ability of the students, which increases the amount the student learns and more fun.

The classes cover many key issues like:

  • Syllabus to Black belt
  • Health & Fitness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Confidence (body language, voice & eye contact)
  • Respect & Self Discipline
  • Self Defence and Restraits
  • Space & Danger awareness
  • How to Avoid Dangerous situation.
All our classes have a Senior instructor and most of our classes are assisted with a 1st Dan assistant instructor and Jnr Black belt.