SESMA Kickboxing

kickboxingSESMA Kickboxing Classes at Norwich SESMA Studio, Newmarket and Ashdon

Sesma Kickboxing is a great way to get fit, learn how to defend yourself and is great fun too.

The junior classes work on concentration, focus, control and are a cool way for children
to interact and develop social & motor skills.

Our adult classes are aimed at the professional person who wants to learn a martial art, get fit and have the ability to defend themselves, but
does not want to go to work with injuries.

The use of focus pads, kick shields and bags increases focus and power in the techniques that you learn within the kickboxing classes.

There is the option to take part in an additional sparring class with use of a boxing ring and compete in light and full contact tournaments.

So if you want to learn a disciplined sport, be able to defend yourself and get fit all at the same time, try Sesma kickboxing.

Sesma run junior and adult kickboxing classes at the Norwich SESMA Studio and Ashdon Village Hall.

Norwich SESMA Studio: JUNIOR Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm & Saturday 10:30-11:30am
ADULT Monday & Thursday 8-9pm
Ashdon Village Hall: JUNIOR (10+) & ADULT Tuesday 7-8pm