Danielle’s Wish

To help children with disabilities partake in sport

Danielle’s Wish is a fund for children and teenagers that need financial support to take part or continue in their sport or hobby.
This may be due to a disability or a change in family circumstances.
Danielle’s Wish will also look to support children and teenagers of families that may have issues with bullying, confidence and domestic abuse.

Money is raised by Master Wayne, Instructors and SESMA members taking part in phyiscal challenges or hosting special events at the SESMA Studio.
Master Wayne also donates his fees from running his Anti-Bullying Workshops for schools and the community police to the fund.

Master Wayne & his wife Sue lost their daughter Danielle in 2009, after many years of battling against illness.

Danielle was a sporting girl, dancing in shows at the Theatre Royal, skiing and of course Karate.

At the age of 2 Danielle was diagnosed with Brittle Diabetes and the medication contributed with her also suffering from chronic asthma.

Even with numerous hospital admissions per year Danielle was determined to continue with her sporting interests.

At 17yrs Danielle started suffering from constant tiredness and was later diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue & M.E. this later developed to a point

when she was unable to walk far and had to use a wheel chair. But this didn’t stop Danielle with her martial arts. Danielle would practice blocks, punches and self-defence at home in her wheel chair and visit the studio to encourage the Little Dragons within their classes.

Unfortunately the combination of her illnesses, Diabetes, Renal failure and finally severe complications of her digestive and dietary tract resulted in Danielle passing away.

Sue & Master Wayne know that Danielle’s wish would be not to let disabilities or illness prevent children from doing something that they love.

If you or you know someone that would benefit from Danielle’s Wish then please send a letter or email explaining your situation and how Danielle’s Wish could help.