Class Update

Just to let you guys know…..

Senior Norwich instructor Sensei Toni and myself will be running the classes. Sensei David will be assisting when he can.

As you may not know Sensei Toni, here is a bit about her:
Sensei Toni is a very enthusiastic instructor and teaches regularly in Norwich. She also competes Nationally and has been short listed to represent Great Britain at the World Championships in India next year. She is a fair and fun instructor, but is also very firm on those that mess about and are disrespectful.

Due to the change of instructors, we will be postponing the grading till a later date, yet to be announced. This will give us time to assess who is ready, but mainly, for you to get use to new instructors.

We will also be suspending the House badge system. Its not a system that we run in Norwich SESMA, so we don’t fully know how it runs and will need to look in to it more, before deciding whether to continue the system.

We thank you for your patience and understanding, we will try not to let you down and look forward to continuing to make you all great martial artists.

Master Wayne