November newsletter

Halloween Party
Newmarket Wednesday 31st  5-7pm (classes will not run on this day)

Grading Assessments and Grading Date – Newmarket
Assessments will start Wednesday 14th November and run till Friday 7th December.
Grading Date Wednesday 12th December   Grading times to be confirmed.

What are Grading Assessments?
The assessments are like a mock grading but with tips to help you on the real grading. We also use the assessments to make sure that you are ready for the grading as failing a grading can knock confidence and have a large negative effect on a student.
Remember building confidence is one of the reasons you may have started Karate with us, so we do not want to undo all yours & our hard work by allowing you to grade if you are not ready.
That is why only those that the instructors feel are ready for their next belt are given an invite to the grading.
The invite will have a reminder of the date and your time written on down, so that you attend at the correct coloured belt section.

New Assessment System
We are trying a new system (starting with Karate) for assessing students ready for their grading. In the past some students have not known what they need to work on to achieve their Grading Invite. We believe the new system will help the students and the instructors during the assessment period.
We will split the assessment period into 4 separate categories and colours. All the lessons within the category week will be solely on the techniques within that category.
The students will be assessed and if they are at the required standard for that category, they will have a colour band taped on to their belt. This will then tell the student and the instructor that they have passed that category of the assessment.
Students may attend as many lessons as they wish during the assessment period, giving plenty of opportunity to attain their coloured band. If a student is unsuccessful during a category week, there will be a chance to catch up on Week 4. This then gives the student more opportunity to attain their category colour band.

Categories & Colours as follows:
Week 1 (Black) Basics, Punches, Self-Defence
Week 2 (Blue) Kicks, Combinations
Week 3 (Red) Kata (those that do not need Kata will work on other techniques)
Week 4 (no colour) Catch up Week (for those that may not have obtained a band in a category)

Newmarket Grading
We apologise that it has taken a few extra months for the students to grade. With the change of instructors at grading time before the summer holidays and giving time for the students and instructors to get accustomed to each other, it has taken us close to the next grading. It was thought that it would be best to hold on for an extra month, so that the gradings are back in line.

I understand some off you may be frustrated with the wait, I apologise and thank you for your patience.

A quick heads up: Our plans for the Newmarket classes are to add an additional hour to the training days, so that we can split the classes further, this will happen when numbers improve, so no time stamp as yet:
4pm Little Dragons
5pm White, Camo, Red, Yellow, Orange
6pm Green, 2nd Green, Blue, 2nd Blue
7pm Purple, Brown, 2nd Brown & Black

New Phone Number
The Daytime office phone number will be changing to 01603 528689 as from 2nd November.
SESMA Studio evening number will remain the same 01603 865015

Karate Competition UEA

If reading about Master Wayne’s success has inspired you, then there is a local competition at the Sportspark UEA on the 23rd September 9am. There are several students wanting to compete in Kumite, Kate and kickboxing from SESMA already, so if you fancy it, or would like to come and watch, then speak to either Sensei Tom, Toni or Master Wayne when he returns.

Senior Black Belt Grading

Saturday 22nd December 10am BBA Bull Close Norwich
Those that are wishing to grade will need to have a Permission to Grade slip, available from reception.
You will have to have attended 2 mock black belt gradings, and have 3 signatures from the instructors to say that you may attend the grading. Payment due 19th November.
Instructors are: Sensei Lynda, Sensei Tom, Sensei Toni, Sensei William and Master Wayne.
Without these you will not be allowed to grade.

FREE School Taster Sessions

Master Wayne has approached local schools in Norwich & Newmarket about coming in to their school are teaching either Karate, Kickboxing or Self-Defence free of charge.
If you would like Master Wayne to come in to your school and the possibility of your child helping within one of the sessions at your school, then please speak to the person in charge of Game/PE or the Head at your school.

Regular SESMA competition squad training.
If you want to compete in tournaments, then why not become part of the SESMA Squad. Work on competition katas and sparring. You may make it in to the Elite Squad and be put forward for the GB Team.
These will be held monthly on a Friday at SESMA Studio Norwich, dates will be posted soon.

SESMA Interclub Competition
Date to be confirmed.

Martial Arts Seminar
This will be a great event!! Up to 6 hours of Martial Arts with some of the top martial artists.
1 Grand Master and 7 Masters, plus senior instructors, all from around the country.
17th November 10am – 4pm,  Attleborough Sports Centre, £20/person, family concession available.