Grading Dates & Times

 Karate & Kickboxing Assessments and Belt Exams (not Little Dragons)

We are at that time of year again when we will be assessing the students ready for their belt exams.
The assessments start Monday Nov 19th Norwich / Nov 14th Newmarket and finish Dec 15th Norwich / Friday 7th Dec Newmarket
If the instructors deem you ready to attend the exam for your next belt, you will be given an invitation to attend.

Grading Assessments and Grading Date – Norwich
Assessments will start Monday 19th November and run till Saturday 15th December.
Grading Date Sunday 16th December

Karate Times:
9am -11am Red, Yellow & Orange Belts,
11am-1pm Green, 2nd Green, Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
1pm-3pm Purple, Brown & 2nd Brown Belts

Kickboxing Times:
3pm White-Green Junior & Senior
5pm 2nd Green – 2nd Brown Junior & Senior,

2nd Brown belts do not get an invite to the exam, but may attend the 1pm-3pm karate 3pm Kickboxers for their Black Belt mock exam.
Remember that 2nd Browns need to have attended 2 mock gradings before considering Black Belt.

Grading Assessments and Grading Date – Newmarket
Assessments will start Wednesday 14th November and run till Friday 7th December.
Grading Date Wednesday 12th December
Karate Times: to be confirmed

New Assessment System
We are trying a new system (starting with Karate) for assessing students ready for their grading. In the past some students have not known what they need to work on to achieve their Grading Invite. We believe the new system will help the students and the instructors during the assessment period.
We will split the assessment period into 4 separate categories and colours. All the lessons within the category week will be solely on the techniques within that category.
The students will be assessed and if they are at the required standard for that category, they will have a colour band taped on to their belt. This will then tell the student and the instructor that they have passed that category of the assessment.
Students may attend as many lessons as they wish during the assessment period, giving plenty of opportunity to attain their coloured band. If a student is unsuccessful during a category week, there will be a chance to catch up on Week 4. This then gives the student more opportunity to attain their category colour band.

Categories & Colours as follows:
Week 1 (Black) Basics, Punches, Self-Defence
Week 2 (Blue) Kicks, Combinations
Week 3 (Red) Kata (those that do not need Kata will work on other techniques)
Week 4 (no colour) Catch up Week (for those that may not have obtained a band in a category)

What are Grading Assessments?
The assessments are like a mock grading but with tips to help you on the real grading. We also use the assessments to make sure that you are ready for the grading as failing a grading can knock confidence and have a large negative effect on a student.
Remember building confidence is one of the reasons you may have started Karate with us, so we do not want to undo all yours & our hard work by allowing you to grade if you are not ready.
That is why only those that the instructors feel are ready for their next belt are given an invite to the grading.
The invite will have a reminder of the date and your time written on down, so that you attend at the correct coloured belt section.

Exam fee is £25, please remember to bring your grading book, licence, sparring pads and wear full suit

You will need to arrive 15-20 minutes before your exam time to register with reception. After which you can stretch and get yourself focused ready for your exam.
Master Wayne will call all the students to line up and bow in. He will then introduce you to the Examiners in case any student doesn’t know any of the instructors/examiners.

The exam panel will not be dressed in martial arts uniforms but in formal wear. This can sometimes make the student nervous and be off putting, but as the exam is of great importance, it and the students deserves that level of respect and dress.
Master Wayne will call out the students to demonstrate the techniques required for their new belt. The students will not be asked to perform anything that they do not know. The students would have performed everything needed during their assessment period and would be of the standard required hence the invite to the grading.
After the exam/grading, those that have been successful will be asked to stand, come to the exam panel and receive their new belt and certificate. After all have been awarded their belts, photos may be taken by parents and splashed all over social media saying how proud they are. (please only take photos of your child, or if taing a group photo, please do not share on social media).

Norwich White Belts: We appreciate that it can be quite a long time for White belt students to wait before they can take their first grading to Red belt. We will be running a White belt grading every month.
You will need to wait a minimum of 4 weeks before you can attempt the grading for Red belt. The grading will be quite informal and relaxed with the emphasis on helping you through the grade. We will only award you your Red belt if you meet our required standard but will help and demonstrate where improvements can be made if you are not quite ready.
Next White belt grading Saturday 2nd December 10:30am

2nd Brown Belts
2nd Brown belts must complete 2 mock gradings before they can be considered for their black belt Exam.
2nd Browns will not be invited to the mock grading, but please let your instructor know if you are wishing to attend the any of the grading exams.

Black Belt Exam Dates

Senior Karate Black Belt Grading Sunday 22nd Dec 10am BBA Bull Close

Norwich SESMA students wishing to be considered for the Senior Black Belt on the 22nd, please see Master Wayne for a Black Belt permission to grade slip.
Newmarket SESMA Students please speak to Sensei Toni