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Self-Defence Courses

Personal Safety exists today in every form of martial arts style practiced around the world. The concept of Personal Safety has been in existence since man started to walk. There are many Personal Safety systems available today, which offer different ways to combat a variety of fighting or self-defence scenarios. Unfortunately, many of these systems have lost their way and complicate what is a very simplistic and brutal concept of fighting.

A SESMA student will train in a programme where they have to remember and perform many different techniques against different scenarios that they might find themselves in. The more popular systems come from Isreal and Russia, however many countries can boast its own system of close quarter combat.

This Personal Safety programme was designed to educate students in the simplicity that is Personal Safety. No fancy techniques or good-looking performances, just plain old effective combat training that has stood the test of time.

Personal Safety is not about Kata, or form. It is about learning the raw skills to survive an ordeal. It is about training your mind to step up to the highest level of training. It is about finding the quickest and most effective answer to a problem and delivering it with determination and a will top survive.

The Classes Cover:

How to assess dangerous situations and areas, Flight and Fight adrenalin response How to avoid confrontation

Simple but very effective releases and strikes, Where you stand legally and Scenario drills against padded assailant.