SESMA Classes

Whatever class you choose to train at, you will be welcomed with a smile. All our instructors give 100% in their teaching and in making the classes fun & enjoyable.

Have a browse through the classes listed below and see which one takes your interest.

If you are from another style and are wishing to change or learn an additional style then you are more than welcome. Just contact SESMA to check which classes would benefit you the most.

At SESMA we offer 4 intro classes in our Little Dragon, Karate and Kickboxing classes before you starting paying for membership and monthly fees.

Beginners Intro-1st Intro Class FREE  following 3 intro classes £18

Only after you have completed the Intro course will will talk to you about becoming a member. Our monthly class fees are listed below.

Little Dragons – From £22 per month

Little Dragons karate is unique, in that it is solely aimed at the 4-6 year olds.

Junior Karate – From £27 per month

For the over 6 years where you will learn technique and life skills.

Junior Kickboxing – From £27 per month

Adults & Family Karate – From £27 per month

Whether you want to learn for yourself or train with your family.

Kickboxing – From £27 per month

Classes are of mixed age, sex and ability and are taught in a fully controlled manner.

Kung Fu – From £25 per month

The 3 animal styles combined make Hok Fu Lung Pai Kung Fu a very practical style. For over 10 year olds.