SESMA Instructors

All SESMA instructors are fully qualified, insured to teach, 1st Aiders, all hold an Enhanced Certificate by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS, use to be called CRB) and are up to date certificates in Safe Guarding & Child Protection.

Most of the Senior Instructors also have other family members that are Black Belts and assistant SESMA instructors.

Please visit each instructors profile and learn more about the great instructors that teach at SESMA

Master Wayne

Master Wayne Baker 6th Dan Karate, 3rd Dan Kickboxing
Senior & Master Instructor for SESMA
World Champion

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Sensei Tom

Sensei Tom Weavers, 1st Dan Karate/Kickboxing, 3rd Dan Kickboxing, Senior SESMA Instructor

Sensei Tom first started to get involved in martial arts at the age of 9, after being bullied at school. Tom wanted to learn how to defend himself and stand up to the bullies. Plus martial arts was a great alternative to football.

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Sensei Lynda

Sensei Lynda Thomas 3rd Dan Karate, Senior SESMA Instructor

Originally from Derby, Sensei Lynda moved to Norfolk in 1994. She has been married for over 20 years and has two sons, one of which is also a 3rd Dan in Karate. Lynda qualified as a Graphic Designer in 1980 and after 4 year in a design studio her career path changed.

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Sensei Amanda

Sensei Amanda 4th Dan Karate/Taekwondo

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Sensei Jo

Sensei Jo Morgan 3rd Dan Karate/Taekwondo
Jo (aka Josephine)

I started karate training after a year of being a parent on the side lines watching my son work through the grades. I decided to put that dead time to good use and continued even after my son decided not to continue several years later.

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Sensei Toni

Sensei Toni 2nd Dan Karate/Taekwondo

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Sifu Colin Browne

1st Level Black Sash Huk Fu Lung Pi, San Chia Chaun and Ng Gar Kung Fu

I was born in Norwich in 1976 and have lived here all my life. I started my journey into martial arts at the age of 8 when I trained in Taekwondo, after 2 years my instructor returned to Korea to continue his training. The Taekwondo class stopped once he left so I tried several different styles of martial arts over the next 5 years before I found a style at the age of 15 that best suited me.

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Sensei Gavin

Sensei Gavin 1st Dan Kickboxing

I first originally started training in kickboxing with another club in Norwich, but due to relocation, I had to stop training with the club.

During that time to current day, I moved to Thorpe Marriott, continued my martial arts training at SESMA & with the tuition of Master Wayne & Sensei Tom, I very proudly achieved my Black belt in April 2016.

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