Sensei Tom SESMA Norwich

Sensei Tom Weavers, 1st Dan Karate/Kickboxing, 3rd Dan Kickboxing, Senior SESMA Instructor

Brief Background

Sensei Tom first started to get involved in martial arts at the age of 9, after being bullied at school. Tom wanted to learn how to defend himself and stand up to the bullies. Plus martial arts was a great alternative to football. Tom tried Karate and Kickboxing, but preferred Kickboxing and continued training in kickboxing for about 11 years. Tom achieved his black belt in September 2009 and the journey was fantastic.
Sensei Tom has been teaching Adult and Junior Kickboxing since January 2010.

What does Sensei Tom enjoy most about Martial Arts?

Sensei Tom enjoys teaching both the Junior and Adult Kickboxing classes, It gives him a great pleasure to see students progress on their path to black belt. It is also good to know the skills that he teaches them could one day get them out of a sticky situation.

Tom also likes teaching people new techniques and watching them improve and their confidence grow.

Future Aspirations

Tom would like to work my way higher up the Dan Grades in Kickboxing/Karate. Tom would like to see SESMA expand in to other areas of the region and run a  SESMA Martial Arts school.


  • SESMA/BBA Teaching Certificate
  • First Aid & Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Safe Guarding & Protecting Children


  • Cooking
  • Teaching
  • Driving
  • Chilling out
  • Training


  • The Cold
  • Being ill
  • The Words “I Cant”