SESMA Life Skills Norwich & Newmarket

life-skillsThe SESMA Studio is the Life Skills centre for the Norfolk education area and is 1of 3 in the Suffolk area. Life Skill instructors will assist local schools in the teaching of the PSHE classes.

The programme itself is a personal safety and communication skills course, designed to be conducted in schools as part of the PSHE curriculum.

Benefits of the programme for the children include:

  • Increased awareness – when it comes to managing personal safety.
  • Enhanced confidence – in social environments.
  • Improved Communication Skills – peer to peer and with adults.
  • Improved self-esteem – an ability to work in a team.

Other content:

  • Avoid potentially dangerous situations:
    Awareness of your surroundings e.g. Fringe areas
  • Communicate with confidence:
    Awareness of the different ways we communicate with each other.
    Exercises in; verbal exchange, facial expressions, eye contact, hand movements and gestures, walking style and upper torso posture.
  • Assessing the enemy:
    Defining an enemy – identifying a stranger or bully.
    Reacting to an enemy exercise – “be calm and breathe”
  • Tricks and lures:
    What is a trick/lure? – scenario acting exercises.
  • Use your body:
    “Use your mind” e.g. Always walk in well lit areas
    “Use your words” e.g. What could you say to stop them?
    “Use your legs” e.g. When to run