SESMA Six Kinds of Best Norwich

By joining your child to the Little Dragons Advance package, you have the added benefit of SESMA’s Six Kinds of Best Star Programme which helps teach children the importance of values.

What is the Six Kinds of Best Star Programme?

The Six Kinds of Best Star Programme is a series of work sheets that when completed with family guidance can help teach young child a set of important values.

What are values?

Values are ideals that guide our behaviour and decisions, and help us distinguish between what is right and wrong. They outline what is important to us in terms of our conduct, our interaction with others and how we might live our lives in a meaningful way. Values give us guiding framework by which we lead our lives. People who engage in anti-social behaviour lack this values framework.

Why teach values?

Developing good values gives us a framework to guide our conscience and helps us make good choices. If we have strong values and are put in challenging situations, we are more likely to make good decisions according to those values. Developing strong values also helps build our confidence and self esteem by giving us a personal sense of identity and direction. Also, it helps develop in us a sense of responsibility for the consequences of our behaviour and how our actions might affect ourselves, others and the environment.

The Six Kinds of Best Concept

The Six Kinds of Best concept is a model that outlines six core values for becoming a person of good character. It frames the core values in a way that students and parents can remember and apply in everyday situations. It provides “anchor points” upon which we can reflect when faced with decision making situations and helps us make good choices.
By using the Six Kinds of Best in our Little Dragons Karate classes we are able to teach the students the core values before they are greatly influenced by others.

The Six Kinds of Best are:

  • 1.  Be KIND to Yourself (Respect yourself)
  • 2.  Be KIND to Others (Respect others)
  • 3.  Be KIND to the Environment (Value the environment)
  • 4.  Be the Learning KIND (Seek knowledge)
  • 5.  Be the Achieving KIND (Achieve your potential)
  • 6.  Be the Community KIND (Contribute positively to society)

How does it work?

A different KIND (KIND To Yourself, KIND To Others, etc) will be covered each month with 4 work sheets per month. The work sheets will be given to the student as a package at the beginning of the month, with the worksheets listed in a weekly order. The worksheets can then be completed with the help of a family member.

The worksheets are to be completed on a weekly basis and not all at once. This will maintain the learning and retention of the lessons throughout the month and not just for the week they completed the worksheets.

Included in your first package is a Progress Chart, smiley face stickers and a set of Six Kinds of Best stickers. (Please do not lose these as there is a charge for replacement)

The Progress Chart is for you to display in a prominent place so that your child can see their progress through the Six Kinds of Best.

When your child completes a week’s worksheet, you can reward the child by giving them a smiley face sticker to put on their Progress Chart. When they have completed the 4 weeks worksheets have 4 smiley faces in the current topic, then you can reward them with a special Six Kinds of Best sticker.

On the Progress Chart there are some examples of extra tasks that you may wish to include for your child to gain your sticker as well as completing the week’s worksheet.


  • Complete the week’s worksheet plus eat good food for the week
  • Complete the week’s worksheet plus be able to control your anger
  • Complete the week’s worksheet plus be positive

When a student brings in their completed worksheet for the week, the students will be awarded a coloured Star to put beside their name on the Star Chart displayed in the SESMA Studio and will be presented with a Certificate.

If a student completes all 4 worksheets and has 4 stars relevant to that monthly KIND then they will be awarded a special iron on coloured Star Badge for their karate suit. (To be ironed on the left arm)

  • 1. KIND TO YOURSELF (Red Star)
  • 2. KIND TO THE ENVIROMENT (Yellow Star)
  • 3. KIND TO OTHERS (Orange Star)
  • 4. THE COMMUNITY KIND (Green Star)
  • 5. THE ACHIEVING KIND (Blue Star)
  • 6. THE LEARNING KIND (Purple Star)

When a student completes all of the Six Kinds of Best work sheets and has earned a set of 6 special coloured Star Badges, they will be awarded the Six Kinds of Best SILVER Star Award Badge.

After 6 months when each KIND has been completed, the KINDS will start a fresh with a new set of work sheets. This will enable the student to start working towards their GOLD Star Badge and reinforcing the values that they have learnt.