Taster Sessions

Taster sessions in Karate Kickboxing Self-defence in schools

Master Instructor Wayne Baker World Champion & European Champion and Master Instructor of the South Eastern School of Martial Arts SESMA, has been providing martial art and self-defence taster sessions to local schools for over 15 years. He has had numerous positive feedback from the schools and pupils.

“Master Wayne is very calm in his mannerism and helps all the children to feel an immense sense of achievement. The club supports the children’s social and emotional skills as well as engaging them in fun physical activities where everyone is an equal as control, resilience and stamina are fundamental”. Donna Garratt Headteacher Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School

I booked taster session with Sports Premium funding, for an entire afternoon. This was to give the whole class experience in a sport they might not be able to access otherwise. 
The children were engaged and fully focused all the way for the whole afternoon and Wayne even touched on the current ideas of self control and mindfulness. A great coach and a great session. Very good value for money.
Mrs Hallowven Y4 class​ teacher, SENDCo, St Augustine’s Catholic PS

SESMA can provide a taster in many martial arts (Karate, Tae-kwondo, Kickboxing), Summer Safe Defence or our Mantis Self-Defence programme which is recognised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

So that there is very little disruption to the school time table, we can run the tasters during your P.E / Games sessions. Some schools prefer (Taverham Junior) the taster sessions to be run over a week. We can fit the class to suit your time table requirements i.e. a full day or half day at your school (Ghosthill Infant). We are very adaptable and willing to discuss your requirements.

The Instructor teaches some of the basic moves of martial arts in a static line formation. These basic moves are then practiced with a partner using focus pads. Depending on age (infant/junior) these may be performed in a game format.

The emphases of the sessions are to have a brief taster of a Martial Art/Sport and to have fun but keep a high level of respect for the students and the instructor.

General format of a session:

The instructor will give a quick talk on martial arts, its use as a sport/hobby/self-defence and a little about themselves i.e. Grade, how many years training and experience.

Line Format
Warm up and Stretch, incorporating why we do this and names of muscles.
Teach a Martial Art Stance & Guard.
Demonstrate and teach 3-4 individual Martial Art techniques.
Combinations using the techniques learnt.

Partner Work (Reception-year 2)
Put the children in to line groups at one end of the hall. With the use of the class teacher/teaching assistant, the children run to the opposite end of the hall. They will then demonstrate the techniques learnt against a focus pad held by the instructor and teacher/teaching assistant.

Partner Work (years 3-6)
Explain how to hold a focus pad safely and that pad-work is about focus and control.
Trust elements of partner work, when striking and holding a focus pad.
Practice the combinations learnt against a pad.

Depending on length of class time, the instructor will teach 1-2 simple releases from a Lead-Away grab of the wrist. This can be practiced pupil to pupil or with the instructor/teacher to pupil.

The instructor will then recap over the session, pointing out what they have learnt and reiterate that Martial Arts is a sport/hobby/defensive art.

The instructor will provide the teacher with leaflets or stickers for the children offering further free introduction taster classes at the SESMA Studio.

If you would like to discuss further about SESMA running a taster session within your school, then please do not hesitate to contact us either 07739 914 684 or email info@sesma.co.uk