Sesma Against Bullying

10 Anti Bullying Tips

These 10 tips are based on my many years of teaching martial arts & running the SESMA Martial Arts school in Norwich, where my team and myself have improved confidence and self-esteem in hundreds of children that have been bullied at school.

Tip One

Stand & Walk Tall
Standing and walking tall makes you look and feel confident and allows you to see much more around you. Bullies look for easy targets like those that are timid or lack confidence.

Tip Two

Strong Clear Voice
Talking with a clear and not a mumbled voice makes you sound confident.

Tip Three

Positive Body Language
When confronted with a bully, show positive body language and facial expressions. Be clear with a calm voice and ask them to stop. Also keep your head up and look them in the face. Looking down will give the impression you are intimidated.

Tip Four

Avoid Situations
If you know who the bullies are, then avoid the areas that they congregate, or if they are heading in your direction, walk away to a safe place.

Tip Five

Safe Places
If wanting to avoid a situation or somewhere to go after being confronted by a bully, know where the safe places are in your school. It may be a class room, a regular spot in the playground that a teacher stands or a bench that the School Buddies meet up at.

Tip Six

School Buddies
Know who and where the School Buddies are at playtime. Many schools have a Buddies mentor system. The school buddies are there for you to chat to or help you make friends and solve playground disputes.

Tip Seven

Tell Someone
If you are being bullied or see someone else being bullied, then tell someone. Teacher, parent or a friend, it doesn’t matter who as long as you speak out about it. If you are worried or frightened about telling an adult, ask a friend to go with you. By telling someone, they can help to stop the bullying before it gets worse. They may even put a plan together for you and the bully to talk through it all.

Tip Eight

Treat everyone with respect, try not to be dragged into a name calling situation. If someone is calling you names, ask them to stop. If it continues then speak to someone about it.

Tip Nine

Safety in Numbers
Make friends and friendship groups. Bullies tend to pick on individuals as they are easier targets. By playing in friendship groups there is less chance of being bullied. If you are being bullied by someone within your friend group, then they really are not your friend. Ask them to stop and speak to the rest of your friendship group

Tip Ten

Defend Yourself
Schools do not condone violence and it may get you into trouble with a teacher, but protect yourself. If a bully tries to hit you, then defend yourself by blocking the punches & kicks and constantly telling them to stop. If you have to hit back then do so. Better to be spoken to by your teacher once than be bullied daily.