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Women's Self Defence Workshop

On the increase

There were 911 reports of sexual assaults against women in Norfolk in the year ending March 2020.
That is one every three days and compares to 493 in the year ending March 2016, and increase of 85%. EDP March 28,

Close to Home

There has also recently been reports on FaceBook of women being confronted and asked for sex, followed by being exposed to in the Taverham/Thorpe Marriott area, so it is closer to home than you think.

Here to help you

Stacy Bradley of TLC-Transforming Local Communities approached us to deliver a self-defence workshop for the women in the community.

TLC are actively looking for sponsorship from local businesses to provide funding for the safety of those in the community. 

SESMA Self -Defence Workshop

The SESMA Self-Defence workshops will teach you not to simply react to a provocation or encounter, but to take control of the possible threatening situation either by avoiding confrontation, diffusing the situation, or efficiently defending yourself to aid your safe escape.

You do not need to be a trained martial artist or sporty person to attend and benefit from our self defence workshops. It is designed for all that want to have the confidence to walk alone and not be afraid.

Our workshop consists of 3 aspects or the ABC’s of self-defence

A= Awareness
B= Boundary Setting
C= Combat

By covering these 3 aspects, the participant will have increased their confidence of what to do in an encounter.
But more importantly, would have lowered their risk of being encountered by a predator in the first place.

Just by attending a workshop, your awareness and reading of situations has decreased the chances of you being a target and a victim of violence.

This Workshop is aimed at ages 14+ due to its content.
Please note that explicit language is used within this workshop
SESMA & TLC will be providing Self-Defence workshops to younger age groups soon.
Till then please see our Anti-Bullying Courses.


The workshop will look at surroundings, suspicious looking people, Internal Awareness & External Awareness.

Boundary Setting

The use of Voice, Body Language and Eyes to ward of attacks, to de-escalate a situation and  increasing opportunity to escape. Please note that profanity language and cursing may be used in practice and scenario training.


Since most altercations can be stopped by verbal boundaries, the use of physical defence is last resort, but it is also important.
Our workshop uses physical self-protection techniques that are easy to learn, remember and effective, also practice releases from grabs and restraints.

Strikes Taught on the Course

Hammer Fist


Palm Heel

Groin Kick

Elbow Strike

Foot Stomp

Releases taught on the Course

Wrist Grabs

Bear Hugs



Hair Grabs

The Law on the use of Self-defence.

In the UK, anyone can use reasonable force to protect themselves or others if a crime is taking place. This includes fighting back in self-defence if you’re attacked or tackling an intruder to the ground. If someone else is being attacked, you can use force to stop the assault and defend yourself in the process.

The defence of self-defence is one which can be and will be readily understood by any jury. It is a straightforward conception. It involves no abstruse legal thought. … Only common sense is needed for its understanding. It is both good law and good sense that a man who is attacked may defend himself. It is both good law and good sense that he may do, but may only do, what is reasonably necessary. But everything will depend upon the particular facts and circumstances. … It may in some cases be only sensible and clearly possible to take some simple avoiding action. Some attacks may be serious and dangerous. Others may not be. If there is some relatively minor attack it would not be common sense to permit some action of retaliation which was wholly out of proportion to the necessities of the situation. If an attack is serious so that it puts someone in immediate peril then immediate defensive action may be necessary. If the moment is one of crisis for someone in imminent danger he may have [to] avert the danger by some instant reaction. If the attack is all over and no sort of peril remains then the employment of force may be by way of revenge or punishment or by way of paying off an old score or may be pure aggression. There may no longer be any link with a necessity of defence… If a jury thought that in a moment of unexpected anguish a person attacked had only done what he honestly and instinctively thought was necessary that would be most potent evidence that only reasonable defensive action had been taken.

— Palmer v The Queen [1971] AC 814, 832

Booking Your Place

If you are interested in attending a Women’s Self-Defence workshop, then please complete the below form.

You will be contacted by a member of staff with details of the next available workshop date and how to book your place.

This Workshop is aimed at ages 16+ due to its content.