Anti-Bullying & Self Defence

Anti Bullying & Self-Defence Workshop

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A practical, easy, and fun course for a child to learn basic self-defense techniques, tips on how prevent being bullied, what to do if you are being bullied and how to escape.  

As well as teaching anti-bullying courses at the SESMA Studio, Sesma has also provided many schools in the Norfolk and Suffolk area with anti-bullying workshops as part of the “National Anti-Bullying Week”.
These schools have found the workshop very useful and the children come away knowing how to deal with bullying issues after being taught in a fun and jovial way.

SESMA Anti bullying Norwich

The content of an anti-bullying course:

1) How to identify a bully or bullying
2) Can we stop ourselves from being bullied?
3) Look confident with our body language and eye contact.
4) Confidence using the sound of our voice.
5) Name calling.
6) Be positive not negative.
7) Controlling and coping with our emotions.
8) How to protect ourselves.

Benefits of an anti-bullying course:

  1. can help reduce bullying and child abduction
  2. increase children’s safety and well-being
  3. Create profound change in people’s lives by contributing to a safer environment and building self-confidence.
  4. Increase learning ability and focus.

You will be directed to EventBrite where you can book your place on the next available course.