White & Red Belt Grading Details

Your first couple of Gradings

We appreciate that it can be quite a long time for White to Red belt & Red to Yellow belt students to wait before they can take their first set of gradings to Red & Yellow belt if they wish to grade at the formal gradings with the other coloured belts.

With this in mind we run a White to Red and Red to yellow belt grading every other month.

You will need to wait a minimum of 12 weeks before you can attempt the grading for White to Red belt and and further 16 weeks for Red to Yellow Belt

The grading will be quite informal and relaxed with the emphasis on helping you through the grade.

We will only award you your new belt if you meet our required standard but will help and demonstrate where improvements can be made if you are not quite ready.

The Instructors will assess you within your classes leading up to the grading and will present you with an invite to the grading if they feel you are ready.

Parents are unable to stay and watch the grading, but photos will be posted on the SESMA Members Facebook page.

On the day of your grading, could you please:

🥋 Wear full martial arts outfit

🥋 £20 payment for your White to Red Belt Grading

🥋 £30 for Red to Yellow Belt Grading

🥋 Your grading invite

Our gradings are recognised by the National Martial Arts Commission –  Black Belt Schools UK, NMAC, World Martial Arts Games Commission – WMAGC

White to Red & Red to Yellow Belt Grading Dates & Times 2024

Saturday  February 24th 

Saturday  April 27th

Saturday  June 29th

Saturday September 28th

Saturday November 30th

Kickboxing 1pm    Karate 2pm