SESMA Kickboxing for Children and Adults at Norwich SESMA

Children's & Adult Kickboxing at Norwich SESMA

What can our awesome kickboxing classes offer you?

Our kickboxing classes for children and adults have so much to more to offer than just kicks and punches.

Whether you are a junior or an adult you will benefit from our kickboxing sessions.

  • Learn new skills
  • A fun way to get fit
  • Improved Focus
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Self-Defence
  • Motivation


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Learn New Skills

We all crave knowledge, some learn from books, others learn from actually participating in what they want to learn.

Kicks, Punches, Blocks are the tools that we will teach you, but we will also teach you how to use them effectively, how to use kickbags and to strike and hold focus pads for others.

Those that wish to eventually try the competitive side of Kickboxing, we regularly run additional sparring sessions and take part in local & national competitions.

Some of our students have gone on to represent England at European & World tournaments.

Improve Your Strength and Fitness

With obesity on the increase in adults but mainly children, kickboxing will help build & tone muscle and increase cardiovascular performance.

Children spending hours in front of the screen, 50% of adults joining a gym, quit within 6 months, is all due to lack of motivation and interest.

All our classes are high energy and motivated with instructors trained to get the best from you.

With SESMA’s help, you become fitter and live a healthier life-style.

Children's Kickboxing at SESMA Norwich is great for fitness concentration and burning that pent up energy

Get Your Focus Back

We all struggle sometimes focusing on ourselves, at home, work or have children that can only focus for about 30 seconds whilst not looking at a screen.

Our junior classes are structured to teach focus, patience, restraint and many qualities that come with discipline.

The adult sessions help you relieve some of the stress, give you a bit of “me time” and get your focus back on work goals and home life.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Lost your confidence recently, we work on a method of positive reinforcement, whilst strengthening your self-believe.

A lack of confidence and self-esteem can be detrimental for children, not just for school but later in life too. By focusing on removing the “can’t do” mentality, we can build their confidence and empower them.

We use a belt system to Black Belt to help set goals and build confidence.

SESMA Norwich Kickboxing is great for family bonding
SESMA Martial Arts Norwich kickboxing great for self defence

Realistic Self-Defence

The best self-defence is not being there in the first place. Learn to read situations, body language and to avoid confrontation, but have the knowledge and confidence to deal protect yourself if you have to.

One of the biggest concerns parents have is that their children would not be able to defend themselves if needed (i.e. being bullied).

Kickboxing gives our students the strength to walk away and confidence to avoid trouble altogether.  It will also give them the mental and physical skills to defend themselves if other options don’t work. 

Make New Friends

With the resent changes in our lives due to Covid, our social skills have weened or for children have not really had a chance to develop.

We encourage all our students to work and interact with each other, helping generate new friendship groups and develop social skills.

SESMA Norwich martial art students karate kickboxing winning gold medals at world championships
Norwich SESMA professional instructors in karate kickboxing kungfu self defence many specialising in children with SEND

Qualified Instructors

All our children’s & adult karate kickboxing & kungfu classes have a Senior instructor and most of our classes are assisted with a 1st Dan assistant instructor and Jnr Black belt.
We also have Buddy-Up students that are trained to help beginners during their first few classes. Younger students have found that this has helped with their confidence when first starting their classes.
All our instructors hold a current Enhanced DBS and fully insured. 

Our programme will enhance this positive development in a fun and motivating way.

Video was recorded before Covid.
Our classes follow strict Covid regulations outlined by the Government and Sport England

We still maintain the same level of learning, motivation and fun within our classes.

Training Days & Times

Norwich: SESMA Studio

Monday 8pm          over 15 yrs
Tuesday 8pm         over 15 yrs
Wednesday 4pm          6-10yrs
Wednesday 5pm           11+yrs
Thursday 8pm       over 135yrs
Saturday 12pm               6+yrs

Check for availability 01603 528689   

SESMA Studio Norwich professional martial arts studio opened in 2005 sesma teaching in drayton taverham since 1989

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