Online Women's Self Defence Courses

Awareness ✔️ Avoidance ✔️ Boundaries✔️ Protection✔️ Be safe ✔️

Women'S Self Defence

Our online self defence course is designed to be easy to understand, learn, practice and remember

There are no complicated moves that take years to practice, just simple basic moves that work 

Unfortunately we do not live in a world that all women should have the confidence to walk alone and not feel vulnerable of being harassed or assaulted

The BESAFE Women’s Self Defence online course is about empowering women and giving them the knowledge to protect themselves and have the feeling of being safe in everyday life


Learn and Practice in your own home on most devices

What is inside the Course

Welcome to the women’s self defence online course

  1. UK Law on Self Defence Explained
  2. Reasonable  Necessary  Appropriate
  3. Law on Pre-Emptive Strikes
  4. Law on weapons in self defence

  1. Hick’s & Guthrie’s Law
  2. Motor Skills
  3. Intuition
  4. Fight Flight Freeze

  1. Reading Body Language Game
  2. Personal Body Language
  3. Signs of aggression
  4. Boundary Settings
  5. Verbal De-escalation

  1. Out & About
  2. Car Parks
  3. Dog Walking
  4. Jogging & Running

  1. Palm Heel Strike

  2. Palm Heel & Scratch

  3. Face Slap

  4. Shin & Groin Kick

  5. Knee Strike

  6. Foot Stomp

  7. Elbow Strike

  1. Single Wrist Grabs

  2. Double Wrist Grabs

  3. Clothing Grab

  4. Front Throat Grab

  5. Rear Neck Grab

  6. Head Lock

  7. Front Hair Grab

  8. Rear Hair Grab

  9. Front Bear Hug

  10. Rear Bear Hug

  1. After Incident Action
  2. Taxis & Mini Cabs
  3. Bars & Drug Rape
  4. Cash Machines
  5. Walking About
  6. Teen Safety Tips
  7. Internet Safety Tips
  8. Useful UK Contacts

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Testimonials from our physical courses

My name is Wayne and I take people’s safety very seriously as it’s a 
bad bad world out there.
I am a fully qualified Self Defence & Manage Violence instructor and a Master Martial Arts Instructor with over 40yrs experience.
My aim is to teach as many children and adults as possible, simple and effective self defence, so that they can be safe every day.

Be Safe

BESAFE Online self defence course, available 24/7 teaches practical self defence, situational awareness, boundary setting

Wayne Baker
Master Instructor
BESAFE Self Defence Solutions
SESMA Martial Arts UK

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