How to Register to SESMA Members Portal

Once you are a member of the SESMA Family, you are given access to our Members Portal which is brimming with cool stuff for whichever style you choose.

Video tutorials for you to practice at home, fitness work sheets, tip on training, tutorials on weapons, activity sheets and all the latest Zoom links so you can join in a real time class at home.
As well as all your criteria for your new belts in downloadable form and video.

Plus it is always being updated with new lessons and more.

If you are a member and haven’t registered yet….. what are you waiting for!!

Follow the instructions below and register.

If you are not a member, the portal will not let you join …..Sorry.

Why not contact us and ask about classes and become a member of the SESMA Family.      01603 528689


2 ways to follow on how to register.....

Read & Pictures


So Lets Go...