School Testimonials

SESMA Martial Arts offer schools in the Norwich and surrounding areas taster lessons in Karate, Kickboxing & Self-Defence/Awareness.

Below are a few words from schools that we regularly get asked to provide taster sessions to.

Taverham Junior School

Queen's Hill Primary School

We have had the pleasure of Master Wayne from SEMSA at Queen’s Hill Primary School for a few years now. 

The self-defence sessions he has delivered to all children have been amazing. Master Wayne teaches safe, fun and differentiated sessions for all years groups whilst explaining the importance of respect, safety and that what is learnt should not be used anywhere other than in a Martial Arts class.

The children regularly ask, when is Master Wayne coming back in and are already looking forward to his next visit.

David Moon

PE Lead
Queen’s Hill Primary School

Martial Arts school tasters in Norwich SESMA Karate Kickboxing Master Wayne Sensei Rhys David Moon Queenshill Norwich
Martial Arts school tasters in Norwich SESMA Karate Kickboxing Reepham High School BESAFE self defence workshop

Reepham Academy

Paige Thompson (Reepham Academy PE Teacher) – “I got Wayne in from SESMA self-defence to deliver workshops to our female pupils as part of our This Girl Can campaign. I had no idea what it would entail and neither did the pupils! Wayne did an amazing job of each hour-long session which he had with different year group girls, ranging from years 7-10. The other PE teachers and I who were in on each session were gripped from the very start until the end. The statistics were frightening but factual, the information which Wayne spoke about was concise and delivered to each group in a personal way with stories they could all potentially relate to and the additional practical parts to the sessions were not only fun but also technical and realistic. The girls came out of each session informed and prepared. I found the sessions that important that I have now raised it at SLT with the idea to turn it into a whole-school priority for all pupils, including the boys! As a PE department we are also keen to get CPD in delivering these mini workshops/sessions ourselves. Thank you SESMA for introducing us to what is and always will be a vital part to all of our lives!” 

Horsford Primary School

We would like to say a huge thank you for visiting our school sites last month to deliver the taster sessions
on karate, self-defence and kick boxing to our classes. The children really enjoyed the sessions as they
were fully interactive and engaging. Staff fed back to say that the sessions were well planned and that it
was great to see the pupils participated fully. The children worked calmly and were also well focussed
throughout the sessions. We asked some of the children to give us some quotes too:
“It was very fun and I really enjoyed it because I like punching” – Byron
“I was excited whilst doing it” – Logan
“I enjoyed the self-defence part because it is important to know about it” – Grace
We have really valued the sessions you have provided to the children of Horsford CE VA Primary School as
they have helped to improve their self-confidence and promote healthier lifestyles.
We look forward to welcoming you back into our school later in the year.

Tanya Kirton and Nicola Owen Heads of School

Martial Arts school tasters in Norwich SESMA Karate Kickboxing Master Wayne Horsford Junior & Infant School Norwich
Martial Arts school tasters in Norwich SESMA Karate Kickboxing Master Wayne Drayton Middle school Norwich

Drayton Junior School

We have had Master Wayne from SESMA come into Drayton Junior School this week.  He has taught all of our classes, giving them a taster session in self defence skills.  The children were very excited about this and were fully engaged. 

Master Wayne’s teaching was inclusive so that every child had the chance to join in.  Master Wayne built up a great rapport with the children really quickly.  The children were very enthusiastic and learnt a lot from the lesson.  I know we are all looking forward to Master Wayne coming into Drayton Junior School again.


Mr. Arden PE instructor (Drayton Junior School)

Ardon Grove Infant School

During our annual health week the children took part in workshops run by SESMA.

The sessions were fun, engaging and the children were all active and excited to learn new skills. Both Wayne and Rhys were excellent with the children.

They were motivating, positive and the children responded well to them. All the teachers who took part in the sessions commented on the excellent delivery of the sessions and enthusiasm of the coaches.

We would definitely recommend SESMA sessions and look forward to them returning to our school in the future.

Tori Wortley, PE lead (Arden Grove Infant)


SESMA Martial Arts Norwich teaching at local schools

St.Louis Academy

The taster sessions that Wayne provided the school were both fun and informative. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and after each session they were inspired to find out more about the types of Martial Arts that are on offer to them. As well as the children being pleased with the day, we have had a number of parents feedback that their child really enjoyed the sessions and wanted to know more about how to get involved. Equally, the teachers were very pleased with the sessions. A number of teachers have commented on how nice it was to see their children trying something new. They also all agreed that Wayne was a fantastic instructor and was able to get every child involved in the session. The demonstrations provided were clear and all the children were able to understand what they needed to do.

Ryan Mannell P.E. Lead

Ghosthill Infant School

Master Wayne runs a weekly after school club at my school and the children absolutely love it. He is very calm in his mannerism and helps all the children to feel an immense sense of achievement. The club supports the children’s social and emotional skills as well as engaging them in fun physical activities where everyone is an equal as control, resilience and stamina are fundamental.

Master Wayne also visits the school on a regular basis to lead whole school activities and engage with the children during anti bullying sessions. He and the club are a real part of my school and the wider community and I hope that long continues.

Donna Garratt Former Head Teacher

Growing Roots Community

The Sesma family have been a joy to work and train with, it’s a welcoming environment that is keen to educate and be educated. I enjoy training with them and find their teaching styles unique, cheerful, and accessible, with commitment to working with every students challenges. Professionally they are eager to help spread awareness and education of personal safety through their BeSafe program, and were invaluable during our Trans Day Of Remembrance event as we ran workshops on self defence for people who’s personal safety is often at serious risk. They were open and accepting throughout, and we are proud to work and train with them.

Andrew Copeman Director Growing Roots Community