Frequently Asked Questions

SESMA have been teaching martial arts in Taverham/Drayton are since 1989


Children from the age of 4yrs can start to learn a martial art with SESMA.
Our Little Dragon’s class is specially designed for children ages 4-6 years.


At SESMA we understand that just one Intro Class of Karate, Kickboxing or Kungfu may not be enough for you to decide which programme suits you;
So, we offer a 4 week trial course to help you decide…

The 1st class is absolutely FREE and provides you or your child with a taste of what martial arts is about and whether it is a sport/ hobby that they would like to pursue.

If you or your child would like to continue, with the trial course; the cost is just £20

We have beginners classes up to 5 days a week depending on which style or age.

Little Dragons Intro Classes (4-6yrs): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4pm & Saturday 9am
Junior & Adult Karate Intro Classes (6+yrs): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5pm, Wednesday 6pm & Saturday 10am
Junior Kickboxing Intro Classes (6+yrs): Wednesday 4pm & Saturday 12pm
Adult Kickboxing Intro Classes (14yrs+): Monday & Thursday 8pm
Kungfu (13yrs+) Wednesday 8pm

Full Timetable HERE 

If you are searching for a martial arts club based on price, then there are less expensive clubs about.

We base our monthly fees on the value of our tuition, experience of our instructors, our professional premises and the benefits that our martial arts have on you/your children.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest but the best martial arts school in the area.

Probably one of the reasons that so many local schools ask SESMA to visit their school to deliver martial arts classes.

Our monthly class fee varies depending on which class/style you attend and if you are training as a family.

Little Dragons start from £28
Junior/Adult Karate Start from £33
Junior/Adult Kickboxing start from £33
Kungfu start from £30
Families price: 2 at full price, additional family members are 1/2 price (lowest monthly fee)

Our class length in time varies depending on which classes you attend.

Little Dragons 40mins
We are unique to many other clubs in that we have the children’s parents assisting in the learning of Karate (great for parent/child bonding & respect).
Because of the parents assistance, the instructor can work more on the children’s learning and keeping them more focused. This in turn improves the children’s concentration.
In the over 20 years of teaching this age group, in our experience any longer than 30mins the children’s focus will wane and they lose interest.
This is another reason we have parents assist in the teaching of the sessions, we are able to maintain the children’s focus and concentration for longer resulting in our students learning more and having more fun.

Junior Kickboxing & All Karate Classes 45mins
We are very hot on hygiene and keeping the training area sanitized. 
Like other clubs, we use to do 1hour back to back classes, but Covid has taught us that it is best to be safe and keep the likes of cold/flu/stomach bugs at bay. So after the class is finished and before the next class begins, the training area is sprayed with a sanitizing agent to keep bugs and viruses at a minimum.

Adult Kickboxing 60mins 
As the adult kickboxing class is the last class of the evening, we run these for 60mins and clean down ready for the next days classes.

You do not need to be fit to start a martial art.
Our classes do have an element of fitness within the classes, so the more you train with us, the fitter and healthier you will become.

We suggest loose clothing like jogging bottoms, legging or shorts.
Jeans or skirts are not suitable.
T-shirts, polos or hoodies are ideal.
As we have a matted floor, we train in bare foot or socks as some children have issues with being bare foot.

Yes indeed, we are an all inclusive school.

We suggest that you speak to a member of our team to discuss your child’s needs and triggers so that we have an understanding of your child needs.

You are never to old to benefit from a martial art.
We have had students in their 60’s train with us.
There may be limitations on what techniques you may be able to perform, but that is generally due to tightness of the muscles, which will get easier with exercise.
Our instructors are able to assist, advice and give alternatives if you are finding some of the techniques a challenge.


We do have a family karate class for children over the age of 6yrs.
Our 4-6yrs are a separate class Little Dragons.
4-6yr old’s have to be taught at a different pace and instruction than the older children.

Yes we do have students that enter competitions, but we are NOT solely a competition club.

Many people take up a martial art for numerous reasons, Fitness, Confidence, Hobby and a sport and we like to cater for all interests.

We have a competition squad that has been very successful at national and international level, some of which have even hold World Champion titles.

The club uniform is part of your membership to SESMA

After your 4 week Beginners Intro Trial, you will have will know if you/your child would like to continue learning and benefiting from a martial art with us.

We will then send you an email with all the details about joining and being a member of the SESMA Family.

When joining with SESMA you will receive your karate/kickboxing outfit, belt, certificate, access to the the members closed group facebook and to the members portal which has tuitional videos, help sheets, syllabuses, fitness and healthy eating advice plus much more.

We prefer you to stay on the same day during your 4 week beginners intro course.

Once you become a member, you may swap and change your days to what is more convenient to you at the time.

Also if you miss a week due to illness or another commitment, you may make the class up at another time during the month.

We try to be flexible with our timetable and classes as we know life can sometimes get in the way.

We continue running our classes during school holidays.

We are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays and Easter & August Bank Holiday weekend.
Classes that you would normally attend on these Bank Holiday closures can be made up during the month.

We are also closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas period.

Our monthly pricing structure works on a 48 week year which allows for 2 weeks closure for Christmas and 2 weeks holiday that you may take during the summer.

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