SESMA Martial Art Parent Testimonials

Leila Moukdad & Her 2 Daughters
Emily Burton Little Dragon Mum

Before Alfie joined SESMA, he was extremely clumsy and was constantly covered in bruises. This was also brought to my attention from his school teacher. In addition, he had a reflex called Amphibian Reflex (see attached recording from Smart Swim, Reepham).

I have a condition called Hip Dysplasia and given all of Alfie’s symptoms, we were very concerned that he had inherited this so he was referred to an orthopaedic clinic and had an X-Ray. Fortunately the consultant confirmed that his hips were in the correct position but having seen the amount of bruises on Alfie’s knees and seen the swimming video he asked if we could see the Neurologist clinic.

During the time whilst we were waiting for the Neurologist appointment, Alfie continued at SESMA and within a month of joining, he lost his odd swimming reflex. I took him on a play date to a swimming pool and he suddenly started swimming laps! Me and my friends just stood there in complete shock and disbelief as he took himself from one side of the pool to the other! Normally a child would swim a meter or so but Alfie must had swam 2-3 lengths of the pool! We also noticed a significance difference with his accidents. He still trips over but not to the disturbing level he used to. When we finally saw the Neurologist (6+ months later), Alfie’s coordination had improved so much that after the consultation he was discharged. I told the neurologist that I had kept him at SESMA and she said that it was likely that SESMA was what stopped the reflex (it’s a shame it isn’t worded like that in her letter). The consultant advised me to continue taking Alfie to SESMA. As you may be aware, Alfie struggles with his focus / attention. His teacher has reassured us and explained his attention levels are completely normal for his age (as he is one of the youngest of his year). Apparently, we can only expect 5 minutes plus his age (11 minutes) of solid focus time.  You can probably tell that I can find it equally as frustrating to keep him engaged and listening to the class but despite this, I can see everything improving and know that taking him to SESMA is the best thing I can do for him.  

Terri Atkins Little Dragons & Junior Karate Mum

Both my children are enrolled in SESMA classes and there not enough words to describe how amazing these classes are.

The instructors are incredible and Master Wayne and Sensei Lottie have had no end of patience with my 4 year old son and he is doing so well settling in at little dragons.

Master Wayne, Sensei Tom and Sensei Linda and all the other instructors have been amazing with my shy 7 year old daughter and she has grown so much in confidence. We originally sent her to class to help her deal with some bullying issues at school and to help her with the resulting anxiety, to see her coming out of her shell and to have my daughter back is worth more than I could ever say.

The well being and happiness of their students is a top priority for all the instructors and this really is more than a sports club this is a family and one I will be forever grateful for being part of.

Jason and Lennon Downing Dad & Son Karate Team

My son joined Sesma in 2019 and as a child with hearing loss he was very shy and had a lack of confidence.

The Sesma instructors have been amazing getting him through several gradings in which he was constantly feeling he wasn’t good enough, and helped him gain confidence which has benefitted him over the years, especially after suffering some bullying at school.
I myself joined in during zoom sessions through covid lockdown and having done martial arts in my younger years, I got the bug again and joined in 2021.
I had a really tough year last year losing both my parents as well as job insecurity, having Sesma to train with and focus on something away from my troubles and grief, has been a godsend.
I also love the way Sesma is more like an extended family, doing events and meet ups and helping other businesses and individuals outside of lessons.
There are just too many other positive factors about Sesma to mention so will leave it there with a big THANK YOU to everyone at Sesma
Jason and Lennon Downing

Vanisha Mistry-Bhogal Junior Karate & Little Dragon Mum

Master Wayne, Sue, Sensei Tom & Co please find attached my testimonial. From the bottom of my heart I write the below and could write even more. Thanks for all that you do for Ninja (Aaliya) and Yuvan 🙂

My daughter joined Sesma when she was five as a little dragon, she was shy and hardly spoke! It took six months for her to have a proper conversation with the instructors, she cried when we she then joined karate and we had to leave her.
Fast forward to current day, she trains 3 times a week (4/5 times during assessment month) she loves the classes and instructors, her confidence in herself and her ability to learn this sport and way of life has taught her so much. Whilst it has taught her discipline and respect it’s also taught her disappointment in life (not always being ready to grade) and how perseverance and determination is so important to allow you to achieve and succeed even after disappointment.
As a parent I’ve seen my child grow and make friendships and have qualities that I know are supported and enhanced by attending Sesma.
I can’t speak highly enough of Master Wayne and the team. Since my daughter has started and through her whole journey they link and liaise with parents and help in the journey of disappointment and achievements and above all make it fun for your child. Due to the very nature of this ‘family’ club my youngest has also now joined little dragons and I couldn’t recommend it enough for other parents to encourage their child to try this form of sport at Sesma! 

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