Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Hok Fu Lung Pai KungFu is predominately a collective of three animal styles:

The Crane style combines long range and fluid movements.

The Tiger style uses forceful close quarter contact controls and attacks.

The Dragon style has solid, strong meaningful stances and techniques.

The 3 animal styles combined make Hok Fu Lung Pai Kung Fu a very practical style and allows the student to experience and learn a free flowing martial art with affective long range, short range, close quarter contact and self-defence techniques.


There are many benefits to learning a martial arts which include:





Mental Discipline


Kungfu combines the Chinese soft flowing approach to martial arts with strength and speed to be effective in self-defence situations.

The techniques are taught and demonstrated individually, with a class partner and through a variety of forms.

The style also incorporates a variety of weapons including Straight Sword, Chinese Broad Sword, Gwan, Escrima and many more.

Due to the effectiveness of the style and the control that a student will need when practicing the techniques, the class has an age restriction. Minimum age of student attending class is 12 years old.

Rewarding Progression

The style is split into 10 different colour sashes (grades) to help students follow their development through the martial art, each grade has a detailed syllabus outlining the various techniques and forms required to complete each grade.

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