Black Belt Grading

Those students that are 2nd Brown belt in either Karate or Kickboxing will have had to have waited a minimum of 9 months and have attended 2 mock gradings before being allowed to grade for Black Belt.

Eligible students will be presented with a Permissions to Grade sheet, which has to be signed by 3 instructors who believe that you have not only the ability to perform all the requirements but also have a Black Belt attitude.

Though a student may obtain 3 signatures allowing them to grade, the student must still perform to Black Belt standard on the day.

Students up to and including the age of 14 will grade for Junior Black Belt.

Students aged 15 and over will grade for 1st Dan (senior black belt)

Junior Black Black belts may grade for 1st Dan (senior black belt) at the age of 14.

The instructors have the right to allow a student aged 15/16 to attempt Junior Black Belt as oppose to 1st Dan due to SEND or other factors.

Black Belt Grading Dates & Times

Karate/TaeKwondo Black Belt Grading:

Saturday April 1st 2pm

Saturday July 22nd 2pm

Saturday December 9th 2pm

Kickboxing Black Belt Grading:

Saturday April 1st 4pm

Saturday July 22nd 4pm

Saturday December 9th 4pm