December News

We are back

Classes are back at the studio (Norwich) at at the Race Centre (NKT) and at present under & over 18’s are able to train with Covid measures in place under Tiers 1& 2 as before lock down pt deux.
Tier 3 under 18’s only in a class format.
Over 18’s Karate & Kickboxing will have open session time slots Monday, Thursday & Friday 8-9pm where you can come in and train individually in your separated area. The Instructor will be present to over see your individual training and give advice if needed. Training Sheets will be available to download on the SESMA Members Portal soon.

December Karate & Kickboxing grading

Norwich Students will be on Sunday 20th December, Newmarket Students Friday 18th December 
Master Wayne has recently discussed with associations concerning Katas not being taught and so they will not need to be learnt or performed on the grading day.
Norwich grading times and booking your grading time slot are available on the SESMA Members Portal.
Newmarket Students do not need to book via the portal, Sensei Toni will speak to you concerning your grading.
Your times Grading Times: 4-5pm Red-Orange Belts   5-6pm Green Belts & above.


‘Helping the Homeless at Christmas’,

Assistant Instructor Rhys has organised with local homeless charities a food & hygiene collect at the studio. Just bring any unwanted or buy extra tins/jars/packets of food or hygiene items to the SESMA Studio and place in our collection boxes. Rhys will then deliver these to the charities for the homeless at Christmas.

Karate Kickboxing Self Defence Kungfu Norwich SESMA Martial Arts open SESMA studio 2005

Free 3-week beginners martial arts course

in Little Dragons, Karate, Kungfu or Kickboxing.
A rolling 3 week course, just enrol on the course in December to start your free 3-weeks.
Pass our details to any of your friends that may be interested.
Course details on

Ladies Kickboxing 8 week beginners course

starts 10am Tuesday 19th January £40. Get fit, have fun, learn a new skill and how to defend yourself

Follow the link for more details 

SESMA Students Smash it.

At the weekend, Assistant Instructors Rhys & Chloe as well as students Ben & Lexie took part in an online Kata/Forms competition and wiped the floor with their skills and complete awesomeness. For every Gold, Silver & Bronze trophy won there are points awarded to the martial arts school they represent. SESMA came top ahead of the runner up school by 47 points.
Well done guys, we are so proud of you all.

Chloe Miller SESMA Instructor
Rhys Carter 1st Dan sesma instructor

Master Wayne inducted in to the Black Belt Hall of Fame

Also at the weekend, The Black Belt Hall of Fame representation of awards were hosted this year online due to covid and lockdown. Master Wayne was nominated for the Devoted Instructor award for his continuing journey in martial arts over the last 40 years, winning multi World Champion & European Champion titles and training students to World Champion status. Also for his and the SESMA instructors devotion to their students in continuing martial arts tuition and training through lock downs and these unusual times. Master Wayne is honoured but feels that the award is for the Senior/Assistant instructors, staff and the SESMA Family which is you


As from Monday 14th December to the last training day of the year, you have the opportunity to not wear your SESMA uniform, wear something Christmassy. Whether a Elf hat or a complete Rudolf outfit, doesn’t matter as long as you can comfortably train in it.
The original Newsletter that was sent out to you all asked that you donated £1 to Rhys’s Help the Homeless at Christmas charity appeal.
Since then we have heard of the Brave Story of one of our junior karate students who is going to donate some of his bone marrow to his younger brother that has been diagnosed with Leukemia.
I can’t mention names as yet but we are all very proud of him.
Your £1 will help go towards the costs of travel etc to Addenbrookes for all the treatments that his younger brother will have to endure. 

If you wish to donate more than a £1 then you are welcome.

Last Training Day of the Year & 1st of 2021

Last class of the year: Tuesday 22nd December Please note class times change for this day.
4pm No Class
5pm & 6pm Open to ALL White to Blue Belts Karate & Kickboxing Students
6pm Open to ALL 2nd Blue + Karate & Kickboxing Students
7pm & 8pm no Class

SESMA reopens Monday 4th January. Emails & SMS text messages will be sent out of any timetable changes made ready for the new year. We are looking at revamping the timetable pending on what happens with the R number and what restrictions the government impose on us.