February News 2021

So we are in our second month of 2021 and its not looking too bad.

Vaccines are being dished out and you are getting to spend more valuable time with your children, even if home learning is giving you grey hairs. I like to think of the positive, look at how much you are learning too about math, science and history. 🤣🤣

No1 in the UK

As you probably read in last months Newsletter that SESMA came top in the World IOMAC Series.
Well we have some further news on that front.
Rhys Carter one of our Black Belts and Assistant Instructors is ranked as No1 in the UK and 9th in the World, with Chloe Miller & Mylee Hedges joint 3rd in the UK.
Ben Fordham & Lexie McLellan are listed in the top 20
🤩🤩🤩 WOW!!!! 🤩🤩🤩 great stuff guys.

Rhys Carter 1st Dan sesma instructor

Guest Instructor Thursday 4th 7pm

You may have noticed that I have been posting heavily about our guest instructor Master Drew from America.

A short Bio is available on the SESMA Members Club Facebook page.

We are honoured to have Master Drew teach one of our Elite Zoom lessons this week.
Drew has taken the time out of his busy work schedule (2pm USA time) to pass on to you some of his experience and teach you guys.

It is open to all Elite students 2nd Blue and above and I would like you all to be present for this experience to be taught by such an awesome martial artist.

I first met Master Drew at the 2017 World Martial Art Games in Florida. I was in one of his categories (Japanese Open Hand Kata) and he blew all the opposition away. He was just awesome.

So don’t miss this guys.

Join the Thursday 7pm Elite class as usual via the SESMA Members Portal.

Kata Sunday Zoom Sessions

Want to start learning your new katas? Then see you this Sunday 7th from 9am.

I will be running kata workshops via zoom to help you learn your new katas.
No need to worry about space, we will be breaking down the katas into small chunks so that you can learn and practice at home.
These workshops will work in conjunction with the kata videos on the SESMA Members Portal.
Access to the workshops will be through the SESMA Members Portal.
Just click on the Kata/Belt that you wish to work on.

9am Yellow to Orange Belt IL Jang
10am Orange to Green Belt YE Jang
11am Green to 2nd Green Belt SAM Jang
12pm 2nd Green to Blue Belt SAH Jang
1pm Blue to 2nd Blue Belt OH Jang
2pm 2nd Blue to Purple Belt YUK Jang
3pm Purple to Brown Belt CHIL Jang
4pm Brown to 2nd Brown Belt PAL Jang
5pm 2nd Brown to Black Belt KORYO

Focus Pad Class

Saturday 13th 12noon

Sensei Tom will be running a Padwork Seminar Saturday 13th 12noon. This will be instead of the kickboxing class scheduled at the same time, but all kickboxers will benefit from the workshop.

The workshop will teach you how to safely hold focus pads for kicks & punches and how to build combinations for your partner to work on.

This is open to all Karate & Kickboxers plus parents.

SESMA will be including padwork in to the karate syllabus similar to the present kickboxing syllabus.

I will be replacing the studio focus pads ready for our return, which means the current club focus pads are for sale at £5 a pair. They are suitable for home use but no longer met my standards for studio use.

Email me if you would like a pair info@sesma.co.uk


February half-term sees the 16th birthday of the SESMA Studio, normally we would run an event to celebrate. Will have to reschedule for later in the year.
Oh and I will be 50th too and celebrating 41years of practicing martial arts.

Facebook Members & Portal

We have recently changed our Facebook page to a group page named SESMA Members Club

Here you will find all the relevant posts about SESMA, activities, Shout Outs, changes to timetable or classes. Fitness challenges etc etc etc.

You can find a link to the facebook page via either the SESMA Portal or our website sesma.co.uk

We have also put links on the sesma website on how to register to the SESMA Portal and a direct link to the portal in case you have lost the portal site address.

This and past newsletters are also available on the SESMA Portal and SESMA website.

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Last month and this month I posted a Fitness Challenge for all to take part in daily over the month.

They start fairly easy and gradually get more challenging over the month as the fitter you become.

February’s is called Abs of Steel and works mainly on upper and lower tummy areas.

Come on join in, nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

Fitness zoom

Over the last month, Master Wayne has been running fitness sessions on Zoom for SESMA Members and their family.
These are free and run on a Tuesday & Thursday 8am.

You do not need to be fit to take part, the idea for the sessions are to help you with your fitness and not kill you.

Access the sessions via the SESMA Members Portal.

Motivational Mondays

A new feature that Sensei Tom and myself are running on the SESMA Members Club facebook page is Motivational Monday.

These will be about 2mins in duration (as long as MW doesn’t waffle) and are just a motivational message to get you going for the week.


SESMA Members Business Page

Im looking to add a feature to the SESMA Members Portal for parents/students to advertise their business.

SESMA staff always try to support businesses or tradesman that are members or have children that are members of the club.

So the idea is to have a page where members can go to easily if they need a tradesman or other business and we can support each other, whether it is a plumber, mechanic, cake maker or financial advisor.

All I need is an advert/business card (preferably 85x55mm landscape) a few words promoting yourself. If you would like to offer a discount or something free to sesma members that is initially up to you.

Construction of the page will commence this week.

Oh and having your business listed on the page is FREE whilst still a member.

SESMA Sunday Strolls

When we soon come out of Lockdown, I am looking at restarting our monthly SESMA Sunday Stroll.
Open to all, and if you have a dog, then bring them along too.

We started these before LD1 and were quite popular and was a great way to have a chat, little exercise and make new friends.

Our first will be along Marriotts Way, starting off from the studio about 10am.
Date to be confirmed.