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“Thank you for your interest in SESMA martial arts classes.
I’m confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations of a martial arts & Self-Defence school.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our martial arts and it has proven itself with many of our students representing their country and being World & European Champions”.
Master Wayne
Head instructor

A little video clip from some of our students & parents here at SESMA



Here's a few reasons why we are confident that you will enjoy a martial art with SESMA

1. Professional:

You can feel confident that all the staff are fully qualified, 1st Aiders and Enhanced DBS Certified.
SESMA holds the Safeguarding Mark for Martial Arts Schools.

2. Empowerment:

At SESMA we aim to build confidence in those that train with us.
Confidence that will always be with them from their school class room to the work place.

Beginners Buddies:

During the Beginners Course we have Junior or Assistant Instructors who are Beginner Buddies. They help the new students throughout the classes and answer any questions that may arise.

4. Teamwork:

Though martial arts is an individual sport, we at SESMA all work as a team. Many have said we have a family feel to our school. From day 1 you will be seen as part of the SESMA Family.

5. Fitness:

All our classes have elements of fitness involved. That doesn’t mean that there is a level of fitness required to take part in our classes.
Instructors assist in improving fitness and strength and use various exercises depending on level of fitness.

6. Fun & Social

SESMA’s aim is for all to have fun learning a martial art. We believe if they have fun they will learn.
We also have social events during the year from Nerf days to Parent evenings.

At SESMA we understand.....

At SESMA we understand that just one Intro Class of Karate, Kickboxing or Kungfu may not be enough for you to decide which programme suits you;

So, we offering  a FREE 3-week Mini Trial Course to help you decide…

The 3-Week Mini Trial Course is available in our Little Dragons, Junior/Adult Karate, Junior/Adult Kickboxing and Kungfu classes preparing you to become a full member and join our monthly fee programme.

By participating in the 3-Week Mini Trial Course, prospective students experience 3 lessons to see if they would like to become a full member and we can assess their suitability for a place in the academy.

Membership details are provided after the 3rd lesson for you to take home and read to give you time to decide if martial arts is right for you or your child, and whether you wish to continue with the benefits that martial arts provides.

Life Membership includes your martial arts uniform/suit, belt, grading log/licence book and your 1st years licence (licence annual renewal cost of £25).

The one-off price of the Life Membership is £89 and includes the items listed above.

Monthly training fees start as little as £25/month and varies depending on martial art style and how many times a week you would like to train.

sesma norwich beginners and advance family martial arts

Which Martial Art is for you?

We have a few different styles and classes available for you. Have a read through the class details below, decide which fits your needs. 

little Dragons Karate 4-6years

Our Little Dragons Karate classes are a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving basic motor-skills and listening skills for children aged 4-6 years. These skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious for the future. We believe the time between the ages of 4 and 6 are the most important years of a child’s development. Our programme will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.

The Little Dragons Karate will also prepare your child for our Junior Karate classes. Your child will be exposed to positive social interaction. They will learn how to work with others and follow directions from their instructors. All our instructors are good role models who are trained specifically to work with young children, are Enhanced DBS checked, fully insured and hold 1st Aid certificates.

The Little Dragon curriculum develops 8 Major Skills that are necessary for participation in any sport or activity as well as personal development and safety, including respect, good manners, and stranger awareness. Upon completion of our Little Dragons Karate Programme, your child will become focused and motivated to achieve any goal they set in life.

The 8 Little Dragon Skills:
Focus - Teamwork - Control - Balance - Memory - Discipline - Fitness - Coordination
sesma Norwich Beginners karate training

Junior & Adult Karate

The Junior & Adult Karate classes are aimed at ages 6+, with many families training and learning together.

Our Karate classes teach a lot more than kicks and punches. We aim to assist in the teaching of basic life skills like respect, commitment and determination.

The classes are aimed at making the students a more rounded martial artist, being able to defend themselves before any physical intervention is needed. If physical action is required then the student will be able to defend themselves in distance, close quarter and ground scenarios.
The classes are split into ability by using a coloured belt system. This way the instructors can tailor the classes to the abilities of the students, which increases the amount the student learn and makes the classes more fun.

Beginners wear the traditional White Belt and train with other students of similar ability and with those of an intermediate skill setting. Those of an intermediate ability that show a strong level of determination and focus are invited to the Elite classes, where they will work on more advance techniques and ultimately their Black Belt.

The classes cover many key issues like:
  • Syllabus to Black belt
  • Health & Fitness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Confidence (body language, voice & eye contact)
  • Respect & Self Discipline
  • Self Defence and Restraints
  • Space & Danger awareness
  • How to Avoid Dangerous situations.

All our classes have a Senior instructor and most of our classes are assisted with a 1st Dan assistant instructor and Jnr Black belt.
We also have Buddy-Up students that are trained to help beginners during their first few classes. Younger students have found that this has helped with their confidence when first starting their classes.

SESMA karate student training

Junior & Adult Kickboxing

SESMA’s kickboxing classes are a great way to get fit, learn how to defend yourself and are great fun too.

The Kickboxing classes incorporate a lot more partner work with the use of focus pads, kick shields and the practicing of techniques.

Due to the size and power differences between children and adults, we separate our juniors and adults classes.
This allows us to teach age appropriate techniques and gives us more scope to change the intensity of the classes within the age groups.

The junior classes work on concentration, focus, control and are a great way for children to interact and develop social & motor skills. For children with learning difficulties that have trouble with sequences or static practice, then kickboxing would be the ideal martial art as it is taught in a more dynamic fashion.

Our adult classes are aimed at the professional person who wants to have fun learning a martial art, get fit and have the ability to defend themselves, but does not want to go to work with injuries. Most of our teaching works on stand up techniques and less on grappling and ground work.

There is the option to take part in additional sparring classes with use of a competition size matted area and boxing ring. SESMA attends many competitions, so if competing in competitions appeals to you, then this would be a great additional class. Many of our students have gone on to represent Great Britain and become European and World Champions.

Kickboxing Available at Norwich Only
SESMA Beginners kickboxers innorwich

Kungfu 13yrs+

SESMA Kungfu instructor and a beginnerstudent

Hok Fu Lung Pai KungFu is predominately a collection of three animal styles:

The Crane style combines long range and fluid movements.

The Tiger style uses forceful close quarter contact controls and attacks.

The Dragon style has solid, strong meaningful stances and techniques.

The 3 animal styles combined make Hok Fu Lung Pai Kung Fu a very practical style and allows the student to experience and learn a free flowing martial art with affective long range, short range, close quarter contact and self-defence techniques.

The techniques are taught and demonstrated individually, with a class partner and through a variety of forms.

The style also incorporates a variety of weapons including Straight Sword, Chinese Broad Sword, Gwan, Escrima and many more.

Due to the effectiveness of the style and the control that a student will need when practicing the techniques, the class has an age restriction. Minimum age of student attending class is 13 years old.

The style is split into 10 different colour sashes (grades) to help students follow their development through the martial art, each grade has a detailed syllabus outlining the various techniques and forms required to complete each grade.

Kungfu Available at Norwich Only

What NExt?

Now that you have decided which martial art is for you, either click on the blue FREE TASTER button below and book an available class or contact us directly to book or ask any questions that you may have.
We look forward to seeing you at a class soon.

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“SESMA is unique amongst sports clubs and associations. The members don’t just learn Martial Arts but also resilience, confidence, comradeship and fairness. Under the expert tutelage of Master Wayne and his superb Senseis my son has developed as a person and we are so proud of his achievements as he progresses up the belts in Taekwondo. SESMA is at the heart of the local community and I recommend it to any parent without hesitation”.

Dafydd Humphreys, Assistant Headteacher, Dereham Neatherd High School


“Master Wayne runs a weekly after school club at my school and the children absolutely love it. He is very calm in his mannerism and helps all the children to feel an immense sense of achievement. The club supports the children’s social and emotional skills as well as engaging them in fun physical activities where everyone is an equal, as control, resilience and stamina are fundamental”.

“Master Wayne also visits the school on a regular basis to lead whole school activities and engage with the children during anti bullying sessions. He and the club are a real part of my school and the wider community and I hope that long continues”.

Donna Garratt Headteacher Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School


“Wayne has had several students with complex needs and they have been able to access, focus and engage in all of his sessions. The sessions have boosted self-esteem and definitely been a confidence booster for the students and I have seen them develop first hand. They have felt a sense of accomplishment working towards the goal of and obtaining their first grading. To achieve this, students had to learn a variety of techniques, skills, forms, and philosophies then demonstrate this to the grading panel”.

Dale Timbers Taverham Academy

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