The Fitness Power & Tone (FPT) Gym is a very exclusive gym which can be used by the public.

The FPT gym is only available to a total of 25 members and will operate a waiting list for those wishing to become a member of the FPT Gym.

We have spoken to our existing members and have asked them which equipment they would like to see at the gym and have provided it.
The gym is suitable for the person that wants general fitness and by those that wish to specialise in sport fitness.

The gym is clean and tidy and we expect all our users to respect this.



Costs: Free gym membership and only £20 per month for unlimited use.

Opening times: Mon, Tues, Thurs 4pm-9pm. Wed & Fri 4pm – 8pm. Sat 8am-12noon

Membership is limited to 25 places and at present we have very limited places available.

So if you are interested in using the gym please see contact SESMA on 01603 260751

Personal Trainer and Sport Nutriion/Diet Advice email Seb

Seb also specializes in Sports Therapy Massage, Weight Management and MMA

New equipment resently been added to the gym:

 Grappler with narrow and wide grip handles to fit olympic bar.

 TRX bands

 Weighted vest

 Light weight Kettle bells

 Tricep dip bars

Coming soon:

 Heavier Kettle bells

 Generic strength & fitness programmes

 Body fat % scales

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