January News 2021

I hope that most of you all enjoyed Christmas and that you were not left a lump of coal under the tree.
Unfortunately I know some students/parents that didn’t have the Christmas that they planned and the instructors,
Sue & my thoughts are with you all.

Tier 4

So we start the New Year in a Tier 4 which means that your tuition will be back on Zoom. For how long is dependent on the actions of society and Mr BoJo & Team.
It is easy for everyone to get complacent about social distancing and procedures with the ever changing tiers and regulations. But when you know someone that has passed away from the virus and just before Christmas, it wakes you up a bit and a tad annoyed of all that flaunt the social distancing etc.
I’m pleased to say that the studio’s procedures are strict and will remain so as your safety and the safety of my instructors, plus my family are very important to me. When we return to mat classes, I would like everyone to familiar themselves with our procedures for visiting & training at the SESMA Studio and the Newmarket venue.


I have made some changes to the timetable for your Zoom classes. I had a look at the attendance of the classes during November and have decided to group classes together.
I have also made some of the Little Dragon classes an hour later, starting at 5pm instead of 4pm. This will give you more time to get your Little Dragon ready for the class. Less rush, more chill.

Karate & Kickboxing students are welcome to train in as many classes as you wish and are welcome to mix it up a bit by training in each other’s styles and classes.
All the Zoom links are on the SESMA Members Portal. If you aren’t on the SESMA Members Portal yet, I will repost how to register to the portal on the SESMA facebook page and on www.sesma.co.uk under the heading NEWS.

Guest Instructors on Zoom

I will be trying to organise some guest instructors to teach some of your sessions or extra classes. I know some great instructors around the country and have contacts with some of the USA team that competed at the World Championship. Up dates on this will be posted on the SESMA Facebook page and on www.sesma.co.uk under the heading NEWS.

Zoom Fitness Sessions

Anyone interested in a morning fitness session?
I am in need of motivation to get fit again. The older I get the more motivation I need to fight the duvet monster in the mornings and get my body exercising.
So I will be at the studio doing some HIIT training twice a week Tuesday & Thursday about 8am (if you cant make 8am, let me know what time you can make and I may be able to rearrange) and wanted to know if you would like to join me virtually on zoom. The sessions will be about 25mins long and you work at your pace. Example: as many squats you can do in 30sec, 15sec rest then another 30sec exercise. So only thing that is governed is the time factor, the amount of reps is up to you. You do not need to be fit to join in, the idea of the sessions is to get us fit.
If interested email me on  info@sesma.co.uk. And I will sort out zoom links/codes on the SESMA Members Portal.

SESMA FaceBook Page

Keep a look out on the SESMA Facebook page for updates, comps, fitness and other odd stuff that I’ll be throwing on there.
Remember you are welcome to share my posts with your facebook friends, would be even better if you could get them all to “like” the SESMA Facebook page.

Dear Master Wayne and team SESMA

We wanted to share our sincere appreciation for the donations that have been made towards helping our family at this tough time

Your kind donations will be put to great use keeping our children linked up and gaming online while they are apart for an extended time (approx. 4 months) during treatment.

Also there has been and continue to be a lot of travel expenses associated with the treatment plan often at far away locations, this contribution will help to relieve the financial burden of not being able to work.

Many many thanks once again,

Leukaemia Collection

Thank you all for your donations during non-uniform week, you all raised £200 and Sue/myself donated £300 from our Danielle’s Wish fund.
The parents were delighted and pretty damn speechless with your generosity. They sent me an email and I have written their words below. They wish to remain anonymous at the moment for personal reasons.

Helping the Homeless at Christmas

Wow what a great response and mountain of food to be distributed to the Homeless Charities. (Video on SESMA Facebook page)
Rhys has received letters from the charities asking that we pass on their gratitude for your donations.

Myself and the SESMA Team have many plans in the pipeline to improve your already great tuition and time here at SESMA. 

In the mean time……..

Keep Safe and Keep Martial Arting.