KungFu Beginners Tutorials

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Welcome to SESMA’s online martial arts beginners videos. You are half way through your beginners course and probably would like to practice at home but keep forgetting the moves you learnt.
Thats where these videos come come in. You can now practice at home in your own time. 
Why not ask your parents or siblings to join in with you and you can practice together.

Remember though that martial arts are a form of self-defence and not to be used in the wrong way like picking on siblings or being a bully.

If you are enjoying the tutorials and why not pass on our details to a friend so they can have fun learning a martial art too.

email SESMA (info@sesma.co.uk) or phone 01603 528689 for more details.

Have FUN!!

Master Wayne

Warm up & stretch

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Before you start any Karate class, make sure that your muscles are warm and that you have stretched.

Wrist Grabs

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How to release from 3 wrist grabs and how to use either the1-2-FLEE or the 3D’s of self-defence


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Sifu Colin demonstrates punches from a stance.


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Some of the basic kicks demonstrated by Sifu Colin

Kicks part 2

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More kicks demonstrated by Kungu Sifu Colin Browne

Leg strength exercise

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Join Sifu Colin and Owen in a fun leg strength exercise.