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Ladies Kickboxing Classes

Ladies Kickboxing 8 Week Beginners Course

8 Week Ladies Beginners Kickboxing Course £40

We know how busy life can be – it’s easy to forget how important your mental and physical health is, which is why SESMA Martial Arts are here to help you.

Due to contracts with teaching in schools, these classes will restart in January.

So, you like the idea of something different to improve your fitness, well our ladies kickboxing classes will defiantly help. Kickboxing is a great calorie burner in some cases burning 800 calories in a class.
Here are some other benefits of kickboxing:

  • Improved Cardio
  • Toning & Strength
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Aids Weight loss
  • Social with other like-minded ladies
  • Self-Protection & Confidence
Our ladies kickboxing is a great all round fitness class and as well as burning those calories, you will be building your confidence and learning to defend yourself.. if ever the need arises.
You may be a little nervous on your 1st session, just remember you won’t be the only one.
The idea of a beginners course is that all of you are starting and progressing together, so you are all going to be nervous or a little anxious together at the start. Once we get started you will be fine and the nerves will disappear.
Young female kickboxer training

Follow the link to read what Best Health Magazine had to say about the benefits of kickboxing.

What to expect

SESMA Martial Arts Norwich Karate kickboxing kungfu

In your kickboxing classes, from our specially designed kickboxing program, you’ll be getting involved with:

  • Warm Up and Stretch – improve flexibility and mobility with a wide range of movements and stretching.
  • Strength and Conditioning Exercises – burn some calories all at your own pace.
  • Foundation Techniques – you will learn the correct way to punch, kick, defend, move around, counter punch and lots of other kickboxing and self defence moves and techniques.
  • Focus Mitt Work – put into practice what you have been learning in class on a target. Focus mitts are a great way to develop speed, power, reactions and fitness.
  • Bag Work – punching the freestanding bags is not only amazing for fitness, but also a superb way to de-stress.
  • Circuits – a mixture of bag work, strength and conditioning exercises, sports specific movements and lots of general sweatiness!

Self Protection

Women can use all these techniques as a means of self-defence/protection. During classes, the instructor will focus on teaching kicks, punches, knee & elbow strikes, bobbing and weaving. Participants will also learn how to gauge distance and landing punches and kicks correctly. Most moves will be practiced on bags and pads to help with landing the move effectively on a particular object. With the repeated practice and use of the moves, it will soon become second nature or another term muscle memory to perform these moves. Some sessions will involve stress testing, this will help build your confidence that you may be able to perform the moves in a real stress related situation.
As well as the punches & kicks of kickboxing, the instructors will also teach basic releases from grabs and how to incorporate your kickboxing moves in to your defence.

What to wear & bring with you

Wear something comfortable to train in, remember you will be stretching and kicking so skinny jeans are not the most ideal. We recommend sport leggings or joggers as these allow plenty of movement and flexibility. Similar to your top half, wear something that will allow plenty of movement.
Footwear is not allowed on our matted sports flooring. The mats are designed to be firm underfoot but also to absorb any impact, very similar to your trainers.
I strongly suggest that you bring a bottle of water with you, maybe even a little towel, as you are going to get hot. If you own a pair of boxing gloves, then bring them with you too. We do have gloves available for you to borrow or purchase.

How to book your place?

We advise you to phone us to book your place on the course, maybe a little old fashioned but it is quicker. We can answer any questions that may arise while you are chatting to us and confirm your place there & then. 01603 528689
If you prefer to email us your interest, email 

Spaces are limited due to our strict following of Covid Regulations

Please note that the “Book a free trial lesson” button doesnt not direct you to a listing that includes this course. There is not a free trial available for this course.
If you would like a free trial in kickboxing, we offer a Monday, Thursday & Friday 8pm mixed kickboxing trial sessions.

Ladies Kickboxing 8 Week Beginners Course

8-Week Course restarting in January 2022

Dates included in the course: 
To be confirmed

Covid.... We have your safety in mind

At SESMA we follow strict Government and Sport England Covid guidelines and are constantly changing them as new stipulations come in to force.

At present…

✔️We have a sanitizing station on entry & exit
✔️Masks to be worn on entry & exit (not needed whilst training)
✔️1m spacing on entry
✔️Individual stage boxes for your belongings
✔️Individual training areas with punch bag
✔️Training areas, equipment, storage boxes & all thoroughfares are disinfected before and after each class.

Here is a video of our Covid procedure at the studio trying 

To book your place phone SESMA 01603 528689 or email Remember spaces are limited due to Covid Regulations

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