Little Dragons Beginners Tutorials

Welcome to the SESMA Little Dragons Beginners Tutorials.

These fun little video lessons range from 5 to 15 minutes in length and are aimed at teaching your child the basics of a martial art.

We strongly advise previewing the video so that you have an understanding of the class and how you can assist before you work through the tutorial with your child. 

If you and you child enjoyed the little tutorials and would like details of our classes then please press the Blue Button for more details.

Little Dragons Coordination

Over View

Incorporating blocks and strikes with body movement to improve coordination and focus


😀  Building of sequences

 😀  Blocks & Counters

 😀  Body Movement

Setting up for your class

An item to that can be used for the student to jump over or duck under.
A piece of pipe foam pipe lagging is ideal.

Little Dragons Focus

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Improving focus and speed with the use of clothes pegs.

we will teach you:

 😀 Distance

 😀  Speed

 😀  Blocks & Avoidance

Setting up for your class

You will need some space to move about and some cloths pegs. preferably coloured ones.

Little Dragons Control

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Sensei Tom takes your Little Dragon through a Control class using basic karate techniques.


😀  How to have good technique 

 😀  How to hold a striking pad for your Little Dragon

 😀  Distance & Control

Setting up for your class

A focus pad or a soft item for them to strike i.e. a cushion.
A clear area where they can practice their techniques 

Little Dragons Coordination 2

Over View

This little tutorial use the the techniques they know to land in front and build up combinations.

we will teach you:

😀  Kicks landing in front

 😀  Building combinations

 😀  Helps Balance & Distance

Setting up for your class

All that is needed is their Little Dragon belt to make a couple of lines on the floor.