May News 2021

Soooo Good To Be Back

Back on the mats teaching and training again, so great to be back and seeing everyone’s smiling faces.

All students are working hard and having fun, just like it should be at our classes.
Everyone are following the safety procedures and those that train at the studio are liking the new mat layout.

Many of you may have noticed that we have some extra help in the classes from our younger Black Belts. This is part of their Leadership and Instructor training that will be recommencing in May. They are so keen to pass on their martial arts knowledge and learn how to motivate, encourage and improve lower grade students.

We have some great social events lined up for later in the year when more restrictions have been lifted. Would be great to see you at these.

KATA Sunday 2nd May

With many students needing to learn more than one kata for their next grade, the instructors are keen to provide as much help as possible so  that you don’t need to worry or stress.

Sunday 2nd May, Sensei William & Chloe will be running kata classes to help you.

Remember the katas are available on the SESMA Members Portal for you to practice and their will also be Kata classes on the 1st Friday of the month. 

We are happy to help you all learn and catch up with your katas, but you do need to help yourself too by practicing at home.

2nd May Sunday times

9am Yellow & Orange Belts

10am Green & 2nd Green Belts

11am Blue & 2nd Blue Belts

12pm Purple & Brown Belts

1pm 2nd Brown & Black Belts

7th May Friday Times

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts

5pm Green 7 2nd Green Belts

6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts

7pm Purple & Brown Belts

8pm 2nd Brown & Black Belts

New Personal & Technical Development Training Area

Our upstairs training area has not been used much very recently apart from hosting the Zoom classes during lockdown.

We have decided to turn the area mainly in to a Personal & Technique Development training area that can also be used as a secondary training area.

What is a Personal & Technical Development training area?

It is an area that will be able to help students with individual techniques, improve kata sections, strength training and 1-2-1 coaching.
Exercise equipment will be available for improving specific muscle areas for martial arts i.e. kata stances.
We will also be installing a large monitor (donated by student & future instructor Jamie Goorwitch) for recording students techniques to show them where improvements can be made and to demonstrate martial art forms/katas.


We are hoping to have everything ready by the end of May.
There should not be any interruptions to your classes in the main training area, apart from seeing a bit of a mess upstairs.

Exciting stuff 

This training area is going to become a new PTD area


We have been running the Zoom classes beside the studio classes for those that may want to do extra training or may not be able to make a class.
Unfortunately we have not had any Low Grade or Intermediate students join us on Zoom and only a couple of Elite students have joined us.
With the instructor welcoming students, allocating boxes, thier training areas, and then running upstairs to loginto Zoom, it has taken too much time from the class time. Especially when then their is no one attending the Zoom session.
So we will not be running the ZOOM classes beside our studio training sessions.
Apologise to the couple of Elite students that were training with us on Zoom. 

SESMA Sunday Strolls 2nd May 10am

Come join us on our 2nd Sunday Stroll of the year.

It will be along Marriotts Way, starting off from the studio Sunday 2nd May 10am.
We walk only for a couple of hours, so back home in time for lunch.

We are looking to continue these throughout the year on the 1st Sunday of the month.

We will also try to change routes each month.

I know it may clash with your Kata Training, apologises.


Our nerf party facebook page is lacking some fun and dynamic photos.
We have all new scenery and game play, but no action pictures.
I am holding a free Nerf Session at the SESMA Studio Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 9-10:30am.
I have to restrict it to 15 children ages between 6-10yrs.
All equipment is provided, just need to bring a drink and a smile.
Please do not take a place if you are not happy for your child to be photographed and for it to be use for advertising.

Beginners Trial Intros

We have some spaces available on our Beginners Trial Intro Courses.
If you know anyone that would, like you, enjoy either Karate, Kickboxing or Kungfu, then please pass on our details.

Closed Bank Holiday Mondays

We are closed Bank Holiday Mondays, if this is your usual training day, then please feel free to attend another session in that week
or double up the following week.

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Last month and this month I posted a Fitness Challenge for all to take part in daily over the month.

They start fairly easy and gradually get more challenging over the month as the fitter you become.

Come on join in, nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

SESMA Members Business Page

I have added a great feature to the SESMA Members Portal for parents/students to advertise their business for FREE

SESMA staff always try to support businesses or tradesman that are members or have children that are members of the club.

So the idea is to have a page where members can go to easily if they need a tradesman or other business and we can support each other, whether it is a plumber, mechanic, cake maker or financial advisor.

All I need is an advert/business card (preferably 85x55mm landscape) a few words promoting yourself, some photos or a short video.

Check out the page for ideas.

If you would like to offer a discount or something free to sesma members that is initially up to you.

Its Free for members/family of SESMA or £50 per year for non SESMA members.