Sensei Chloe

Brief Background

Sensei Chloe started karate at the age of 11. She achieved her black belt in 2016 at the age of 14 and achieved her 2nd dan black belt at the age of 16. She started competing when she got her green belt at interclub competitions. She is now training to compete with Team GB.

Chloe is studied music at Taverham Sixth Form and spent her free time during school going into lower school lessons and helping children with special needs. She has a lot of experience working with children with special needs because one of her little brothers has autism. She did a lot of 1-1 help with younger children at school and tries to find different ways to make learning easier for them. She currently works at Acorn Park Autism School as an LSA.
Chloe has been selected to represent Great Britain at the World Martial Arts Games in Florida 2023.
She has also been selected to compete at the BKF Four Nations 2023 as part of the English Korean Karate Association’s EKKA Squad.
This is a huge step towards her goal of competing at the WKF World Championships.

What Sensei Chloe enjoys most about martial arts

Chloe likes to compete in competitions and is constantly working hard to become a better martial artist. She enjoys teaching the Little Dragons and the junior classes, she likes helping the new students and helping them gain their confidence as they progress. Chloe is always setting herself new goals and tries to achieve them in the best way she can.

Future Aspirations

Chloe’s goals are to eventually become a foster carer. Her goals for now are to carry on teaching and helping as many people as she can. Chloe wants to get better at sparring and kickboxing. She doesn’t compete much in sparring, but she is hoping to get better and compete more in sparring categories at local competitions. She also wants to keep learning new katas and compete at the WKF World Karate Championships

• Karate
• Working with children with special needs
• Helping people gain their confidence
• Playing musical instruments


• People giving up when things get hard
• Fireworks
• Being bored
• Limitations

Chloe Miller SESMA Instructor