Sensei Gavin

I started Martial arts at the age of 18 where I took an interest in kickboxing. 

I worked my way up through the belts to green belt but then stopped as the Black Belt academy where I was learning came to a close & I decided to take a break.

Later on in life, I realised I still missed Kickboxing & the ultimate goal was to still achieve my Black Belt. I decided to check out the local martial arts company “Sesma ” where I live & since continuing on my journey with Master Wayne & Sensei Tom, I worked hard & finally achieved my goal. 

I have always had a passion to try and be the best I can be with everything that I do in life & with Master Wayne & Sensei Toms guidance, I began to help assist with teaching in both junior & the adult Kickboxing classes. 


  • Anyone with an “I can or I will try” attitude,
  • Achieving goals,
  • Positivity.


  • Anyone who says “I cant”
SESMA Martial Arts Norwich for Kickboxing