SESMA Covid Procedures

Review of our Covid Procedures 15th November 2021

  • Instructors and staff will continue their twice weekly testing
  • Continue with sanitizing of hands on entry to the studio
  • Wearing of masks will be optionable
  • Staff have the right to wear a mask when speaking to students/parents.
  • Continue with individual numbered boxes for belongings
  • Also continue with the individual training areas
  • The use of the one-way system will continue
  • Individual use of focus pads or sanitize between use if sharing
  • To maintain disinfecting the training area and equipment after each class
  • Crossing of other students training areas is acceptable but kept to a minimum (Basics/Kata/Team Games)
  • Sparring or contact partner drills will be within a small bubble of 3-4 students & equipment sanitized between each spar/partner drill*
  • Self-defence within a class will also be put into bubbles of 2-3 students & hands will be sanitized between each drill*
  • Karate & Kickboxing classes will continue to run for 45-50mins giving Instructors/Staff time to sanitize the training areas, equipment and boxes
  • Little Dragon classes will continue to run for 30-35mins
  • We will continue with parents of Little Dragons students sitting beside their child’s training area **
  • Parents of Karate & Kickboxing students will continue to drop off and pick up at end of class time or wait in the parking area ***
  • Parents are not restricted to social distancing or Rule of 6 within the parking area


*Students will stay in a Sparring/Drills bubble for the period of their class. A student cannot change bubbles within their class. It does not mean that they are stuck in the same bubble of 3-4 students each time they attend a class on that day each week. Students will be grouped in to bubbles on the day of their class depending on height/age/experience.
It is strongly advised that students have their own sparring equipment as we will not have pads for students to borrow. (sparring pads are available from SESMA £20 for a set of hand & leg pads)

** We have found that having the parents of the Little Dragon students within the class a great benefit, to their development and the instruction of the class. The instructor can spend more time teaching the LDs techniques and developing their motor skills, and not spending the whole class time correcting which leg they have in front, or which arm they are blocking with.

*** The instructors have noticed a huge improvement with the junior students with increased focus and work rate compared to pre lockdown, when parents were waiting in the studio. So we would like to continue with the absence of parents waiting in the studio and keep the improvement and increased development of the students.
Parents of Beginners Intro students are welcome to watch their child for the first couple lessons.
We have found that new beginners that are a little nervous or lack confidence, need that little reassurance that their parents are close by. After a couple of classes, the parents are asked to wait in the parking area.