SESMA Newmarket

The Newmarket Leisure Centre is Suffolk’s largest leisure centre and swimming pool combination and is run by Anglia Community Leisure Trust. The centre hosts many great facilities for the sports person.

SESMA has been using the Newmarket Leisure Centres facilities for over 10 years to teach Karate, Taewondo and Kickboxing and SESMA has had some input to the redevelopment of the hall used for martial arts.
SESMA’s qualified staff run confidence building classes and Anti-Bullying Workshops at the centre as well as providing martial art taster sessions for the centre during school holidays.

“Master Wayne and his martial arts school SESMA provide and deliver sessions of the highest standard. Their support on the summer programme has been invaluable, thank you SESMA and especially Master Wayne” Kieran Williams Anglia Community Leisure

All the instructors are fully qualified, insured and have been CRB checked with many of them teaching in schools as part of the Local Authorities “Every Child Matters” objective.

The instructors are keen to help develop every student to their full potential and SESMA is proud to have helped 100’s of children feel more confident about themselves and contributed to improving school work by increasing children’s concentration and focus.

Parents of children with learning difficulties like Autism, ADD and ADHD have found that participating in a martial art has greatly improved their child’s concentration and co-ordination.

The Leisure Centre is equipped with:

  • A 5 metre mirrored wall to help students focus and concentrate on improving their techniques.
  • 3 Specially made heavy-duty bag frames with a variation of bags to help improve kicking and punching power as well as accuracy. Installed for the sole use of SESMA.
  • A matted area for working on self-defence and groundwork/grappling techniques.
  • An area with seating for parents wanting to watch their children.
  • Montage café for hot drinks and meals
  • Swimming pool and gym so you can also train while your children are benefiting from SESMA’s martial art programmes

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