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Children's Kickboxing at SESMA Norwich is great for fitness concentration and burning that pent up energy

Classes available in Karate & Kickboxing

Helping parents raise confident leaders

SESMA martial arts is more than a hobby or a sport, its a Life Skill, also its great fun.
Our junior classes teach a lot more than kicks and punches. We aim to assist in the development of life-skills such as

  • Positive mental attitude,
  • High goal setting,
  • Determination & Perseverance,
  • Respect & Self-control 
  • Confidence & Empowerment
  • Physical Fitness & Health

All skills that help develop young confident leaders in society, plus a solid foundation for future education and employment.

A more rounded martial artist

Our classes are aimed at making the students a more rounded martial artist, whether they are learning for self-defence or wanting to compete at world championship level.
Our classes cover most aspects from sport to street/playground and we are sure that our students could confidently be able to defend themselves in distance, close quarter and ground scenarios.
Even more importantly, be able to read situations and avoid situations before any physical intervention is needed.

Train to Black Belt

The classes are split in to ability by using a coloured belt System. This way the instructors can tailor the classes to the abilities of the students, which increases the amount the student learn and makes the classes more fun.

Beginners wear the traditional White Belt and train with other students of similar ability and with those of an intermediate skill setting. Those of an intermediate ability that show a strong level of determination and focus are invited to the Elite classes, where they will work on more advance techniques and ultimately their Black Belt.

Qualified Instructors

All our classes have a Senior instructor and most of our classes are assisted with a 1st Dan assistant instructor and Jnr Black belt.
We also have Buddy-Up students that are trained to help beginners during their first few classes. Younger students have found that this has helped with their confidence when first starting their classes.
All our instructors hold a current Enhanced DBS and fully insured. 

England calling…

SESMA has a great track record of producing world class martial art competitors.
Many of our students have competed for England at European & World championship level.
At the World Martial Art Games 2019, SESMA brought home 21 Gold medals.
Two of our instructors are also coaches for the England team.

Karate Kickboxing Self Defence Kungfu Norwich SESMA Martial Arts members of the 2019 Great Britain Team

Our programme will enhance this positive development in a fun and motivating way.

Video was recorded before Covid.
Our classes follow strict Covid regulations outlined by the Government and Sport England

We still maintain the same level of learning, motivation and fun within our classes.

Classes Available at Norwich & Newmarket

Norwich: SESMA Studio

Monday 5pm
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 4pm
Saturday 10am


Wednesday 5pm
Saturday 12pm


Check for availability 01603 528689   

Newmarket: The Racing Centre

Wednesday pm
Friday pm

Spaces Available 07494364987



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