You Can Help Too…

SESMA Family giving a helping hand...

Master Wayne & Sue recently spoken to their friends in Luxembourg, Dave & Lynn Holland who recently drove to Poland with cars/van full of wanted supplies, on how SESMA can help with their next trip. (Click to read about their 1st trip)

It was discussed about Master Wayne flying out to Luxembourg, hiring a van and being part of the convoy. As greatly appreciated that it was, they had plenty of driver volunteers from their village. 

What is greatly needed is funds to buy medical, hygiene and baby products. 

Clothing, blankets etc were being donated by the lorryful from other humanitarian groups and from Dave & Lynn’s conversations with organisers at the Refugee Centres, it was medical, hygiene and baby products that were needed.

Dave & Lynn are planning to return to varies Refugee Centres 31st March – 2nd April dropping off supplies and transporting refugee families to neighbouring countries.


How Can You Help??

SESMA have set up a Just Giving page for you to make a contribution.
It doesn’t matter how small the amount, just the fact you want to help is the important thing.

Your contribution will help greatly by providing much needed supplies to numerous Refugee Centres (they will be dropped off directly to the centres by Dave & Lynn).


Give the families that Dave & Lynn have transported to neighbouring countries (to families that are willing to house)  food, clothing, accommodation, safety and HOPE.

If you would like to donate then please follow press the GREEN BUTTON to be directed to our Just Giving page.

Thank you

M’Wayne & Sue and the SESMA Team