August Newsletter 2022

Norwich Grading 31st July 

Norwich Karate Dates & Times:
Sunday 31st July 

9am -11am Red, Yellow & Orange Belts,
11am-1pm Green, 2nd Green, Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
1pm-3pm Purple, Brown & 2nd Brown Belts

Norwich Kickboxing Times: 
Sunday 31st July 

3pm White-Green Junior & Senior
5pm 2nd Green – 2nd Brown Junior & Senior

Catch Up Grading Date will be released next week

Bonus Kata Practice

Bonus Kata Practice Wednesday 27th July
We are holding a bonus kata training session for those that didn’t get their Red KATA Tape this week or would generally like some extra practice.
9am Yellow, Orange, Green
10am 2nd Green, Blue. 2nd Blue
11am Purple, Brown, 2nd Brown
Please Note:
If you completely do not know your kata for your next belt, this class will not be enough for you to learn and be ready for belt grading on Sunday 31st July.
This is free to students that are on the advance packages (pay to come more than once a week).


Booking is live 
Wednesday 10th & 24th August 10am-12noon

£10 per player.

Nerf Gun Parties at SESMA Martial Arts Studio Norwich

Picnic/Canoe/Paddle Boarding

Come have a paddle and a picnic by the river.

You don’t need a canoe or paddle board as we can swap about whilst having a picnic.
Parents can enjoy a few bevvies too.

Sunday 14th 12 noon

The Bush Pub
55 The St, Costessey, Norwich NR8 5DD


Weapons Training

Come and learn some cool martial arts weapon moves.

Thursday 11th August

9-10am Bo training 

10-11am Fan & Sai/Kama

11-12pm Nunchucks

£10 per person/class

If you do all 3 classes £25

Max of 10 students per class, must be 6 yrs & over.

Training equipment provided.
If you are wanting to do Bo Training, then you are welcome to bring your own broom stick. If you are small, then i recommend you cut it down to top of your head height.

Use the Book Here button to send me an email to book your place.

Please Note:

These lessons are for Kata/Comp/Demonstrations not for fighting and this will be stressed at the class.hur

If lack of interest the classes will either be cancelled or times brought forward.

Use the Book Here button to send me an email to book your place.

Put name on & payment in envelop and hand in to reception

KATA Friday Class Times

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Above

KATA Friday 5th August

For Yellow Belts & Above

For students that are on the Advance /Elite packages (2 classes per week) there is the dedicated KATA class that concentrates solely on your grade and kata.

Each class has 2-3 instructors to help you get your kata its best, but you will still need to practice at home too.

We are extremely awesome instructors, but you still need to do some work yourself.

Yellow belts and above will need to perform the new kata for their next belt.

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

BEGINNER INTRO Courses 25% to Charity

This Month we have raised £50 for Time Norfolk Charity

SESMA believes in family and giving back to the community, that is why SESMA will be donating 25% of the beginners intro course fee to Time Norfolk the pregnancy loss charity  till the end of the year.

We put a post on our SESMA Facebook page asking for you to nominate a worthy course and the Miscarriage Association was chosen due to personal reasons of those that nominated.

If you know anyone that would to try martial arts, then please send them to

10min plank a day Challenge

Some of you or your children take part in the monthly Fitness that I put up, but this month I thought we could make it more of a CHALLENGE and maybe raise a little for the Time Norfolk the pregnancy loss charity

The challenge is to perform 10mins of a plank a day for the whole of august. That is over 5 hours of planking….PHEW!!!

you do not need to do them in one go, break it down during the day, as long as you have completed 10mins for that day.

If you could ask someone to donate you/your child £5 we have a WIN WIN situation.

The charity get £5 and you get stronger which will help your martial arts.

Let your instructor know that you are taking part please.

White to Red Belt Grading

The next White to Red belt grading is on Saturday 10th September at the SESMA Studio

Karate 10am     Kickboxing 12pm

Those that are ready, would have been given an Invitation to the grading and have had a phone call.


More details available here: Septhember

2 weeks till it goes LIVE

E-Learning Women's Self Defence Course

Our E-Learning online self defence course is designed to be easy to understand, learn, practice and remember and goes LIVE on the 8th August

There are no complicated moves that take years to practice, just simple basic moves that work 

Unfortunately we do not live in a world that all women should have the confidence to walk alone and not feel vulnerable of being harassed or assaulted

The BESAFE Women’s Self Defence online course is about empowering women and giving them the knowledge to protect themselves and have the feeling of being safe in everyday life

Pre-Order and get 50% discount on the course price of £58, meaning you only pay £29 if you pre-order the course now.

Offer ends 7th August

BROKEN & dislocated toes

We are seeing a few students that are turning up/rolling up their uniform trouser legs on the outside.

Please do not do this as in the past we have had broken and dislocated toes from students catching their toes in the rolls.

We appreciate that you want a uniform that your child can grow in to, and we support this. 
That is why we suggest rolling the waist band and tying with the draw string.

Hemming the trouser cuffs on the inside is ok as long they are unable to catch their toes when putting on the trousers.  

If seen, we will ask student to leave class to unroll and turn up at waist, then they may join back in.

We dont want the possiblity of you spending hours at the hospital with a broken or dislocated toes.

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