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SESMA Martial Arts Norwich & Newmarket Little Dragons Karate

Bring A Buddy Week

Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th 

We love and enjoy martial arts, so why keep it to ourselves?

We are having fun, getting fit, learning to defend ourselves, as well as all the other great benefits & life skills martial arts gives us.

So we are inviting your friends to a free class so they can get to see how much fun learning a martial art is. 

Just see your instructor and ask for a Bring A Friend Form, give it to your friend to fill in and bring to a class.

There’s even a downloadable form here too ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

Simple and Easy as that.

Extra Kata Training Days

SESMA karate student training


Are you worried about your grading and that you are unsure of your Katas?

With karate grading starting back mid-September, students really need to remember their katas and have them looking good, if not, we will not be allowing students to grade, which could be a disappointment to them.

Sesma are putting on some extra kata training days during the summer holidays to help students who may either need to learn their katas or just need that extra tweak to make them look good.

SESMA appreciate that due to restrictions, we have not been able to cover katas in class as often as we would like, so we are offering the summer kata training classes for free.

Monday 26th July
Tuesday 3rd Aug
Wednesday 11th Aug
Thursday 19th Aug

9-10am Yellow & Orange Belts
10-11am Green & 2nd Green Belts
11-12pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
1-2pm Purple & Brown Belts
2-3pm 2nd Brown & Black Belts

You will need to book in for the kata sessions by email or text:    07739914684

Please state: Name, Date, Time and Colour of Belt.

If lack of interest we will cancel the sessions.

We will continue with the Friday sessions during the summer holidays including the 1st Friday of the month Kata session.

1st Friday of the Month Kata (6th August)

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Brown Belts
8pm 2nd Brown & Above

2nd Friday Competition Sparring
3rd Friday Competition Kata
4th Friday Instructor Training (Jnr & Snr Black Belts)

And, you are aware that there are kata videos on the SESMA Members Portal for you to follow and to refresh your memory.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

Ian Smiths have spoken to me today that a couple of parents have been quite verbal with members of their staff about parking.
They are kindly allowing SESMA to use some of their parking area and also now rearranging parking for their staff to allow SESMA more spaces after 3pm.
If parents are going to the abusive towards their staff, we will lose the extra parking.
Please note : that they may still have deliveries after 3pm so please be careful will young children crossing the carpark.
I understand that parking can be a little tight sometimes, but there are other parking spaces on the site.
Please watch video

Private 1-2-1 classes are also available during the summer holidays (8am-2pm)
30min £20,   60mins £30
To book, phone or text Master Wayne 07739914684

Master Wayne SESMA Martial arts norwich GB coach

Children's 1st Aid Course

SESMA Martial arts norwich childrens 1st aid course

SESMA are organising a Children’s 1st Aid course to run in the October 1/2 Term.

Andy Anderson First Aid at Work will be running the course and he has kindly agreed to donate the cost of the course to a very worthy cause…the Norwich Air Ambulance.

We have already a few students parents showing interest for their children to join in on the 1st Aid course.

We tend to forget that we are just as important as our children, and if we were to have an accident or collapse, wouldn’t you want to know that your child could help you?

Date, Time and Cost to be confirmed.

If you are interested in your child being a 1st Aider, send MW an email

Karate & Kickboxing Assessments & Gradings 

Karate & Kickboxing Assessments will start on Wednesday 1st September and finish on Thursday 23rd September
During the assessment period students may train more than their allocated package.

Karate & Kickboxing Gradings will be held on Sunday 26th September

Please follow link for more details on assessments, times and costs.

July & August Licence Renewals

SESMA Family…

During July and this coming August, many of our long standing students would have had their licence/insurance renewed but yet to bring in the blue books to have new slips.

If new slips are not in your blue book, your insurance could be voided and you could be charged again via NEST as we have to update the licence/insurance slip number on receive of the blue book.

So, if during July you had an increased payment of £25 for your annual licence/insurance or your  licence/insurance is due for renewal in August 2021 and have yet to bring in your blue book, please could you bring it in and pass to a member of staff.

Family Treasure Hunt trail

Sunday August 15th 10am

Come and join us for a Detective Themed  Trail by the sea in Sherringham

After you have solved all the clues and discovered who the murder is , you could then join us for a picnic by the sea.

Meet at the Station Approach, Station Rd, Sheringham NR26 8RG

Each family will be given a booklet containing clues and directions with a mission answer grid to help break the code and save the day.

Approx 1.5 hours of clue finding and then if interested a picnic after.

Those that have taken part on these with us before have all enjoyed, with many looking forward to the next.

No prize for the winning team or the 1st to complete, just Bragging rights.

Remember to bring a Pen.

Closed Bank Holiday Weekend (Sat 28th/Sun 29th/Mon 30th)

No Instructor Training Friday 27th

July 19th Lifting of Covid Restrictions

Its great news that BoJo and the Government are lifting regulations and that we can go back to some form of normality.

Though many of the community have been vaccinated, I have had parents contact me to say that their child is in isolation due to a positive test within their school class. I’m sure we would all love to think the virus has gone away and everything will be back to pre-covid, but I think Covid will remain to impact on our lives.

At SESMA we like to take every student and parent (SESMA Family) into account when making decisions about the SESMA school, which we have concerning which covid protocols we disregard or keep in place.
There are many parents that are still nervous about the lifting of all restrictions and the safety of their children ,or the transmitting of the virus to family members (this is in all aspects of the community and not singled visiting the SESMA studio).

The head instructors & partners have had a meeting and discussed what changes, if any, SESMA will make to the running of the school/classes.

We have decided that:

✔️Instructors and staff will continue their twice weekly testing

✔️Continue with sanitizing of hands on entry to the studio

✔️Wearing of masks will be optionable

✔️Staff have the right to wear a mask when speaking to students/parents.

✔️Continue with individual numbered boxes for belongings

✔️Also continue with the individual training areas

✔️The use of the one-way system will continue

✔️Individual use of focus pads or sanitize between use if sharing

✔️To maintain disinfecting the training area and equipment after each class

✔️Crossing of other students training areas is acceptable but kept to a minimum (Basics/Kata/Team Games)

✔️Sparring or contact partner drills will be within a small bubble of 3-4 students & equipment sanitized between each spar/partner drill*

✔️Self-defence within a class will also be put into bubbles of 2-3 students & hands will be sanitized between each drill*

✔️Karate & Kickboxing classes will continue to run for 45-50mins giving Instructors/Staff time to sanitize the training areas, equipment and boxes

✔️Little Dragon classes will continue to run for 30-35mins

✔️We will continue with parents of Little Dragons students sitting beside their child’s training area **

✔️Parents of Karate & Kickboxing students will continue to drop off and pick up at end of class time or wait in the parking area ***

✔️Parents are not restricted to social distancing or Rule of 6 within the parking area

All of the above will come in to play on Monday 19th July pending on Boris’s announcement.

Thank you all for understanding that SESMA have our students/parents and staff’s safety in mind and continuing to abide by our protocols.

SESMA Martial Arts Studio Norwich
SESMA Martial Arts covid procedures at the sesma studio boris

Students will stay in a Sparring/Drills bubble for the period of their class. A student cannot change bubbles within their class. It does not mean that they are stuck in the same bubble of 3-4 students each time they attend a class on that day each week. Students will be grouped in to bubbles on the day of their class depending on height/age/experience.
It is strongly advised that students have their own sparring equipment as we will not have pads for students to borrow. (sparring pads are available from SESMA £20 for a set of hand & leg pads)


** We have found that having the parents of the Little Dragon students within the class a great benefit, to their development and the instruction of the class. The instructor can spend more time teaching the LDs techniques and developing their motor skills, and not spending the whole class time correcting which leg they have in front, or which arm they are blocking with.


*** The instructors have noticed a huge improvement with the junior students with increased focus and work rate compared to pre lockdown, when parents were waiting in the studio. So we would like to continue with the absence of parents waiting in the studio and keep the improvement and increased development of the students.
Parents of Beginners Intro students are welcome to watch their child for the first couple lessons.
We have found that new beginners that are a little nervous or lack confidence, need that little reassurance that their parents are close by. After a couple of classes, the parents are asked to wait in the parking area.


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