how to register for the SESMA Members Portal

Welcome to the “How to Register for the SESMA Members Portal” instructions page.

There a couple of different downloadable options of the instructions for you to follow, as well as it being visible on this page.

I have also made available a link that will take you straight to the SESMA Members Portal registration page.

Please remember to use the email address that you have given to SESMA for your correspondence to register to the portal.

If you use a different email, your registration will be delayed as a member of the SESMA team will need to manually approve your registration.

You do not need to register for each member of the family that trains with SESMA. 

More than one member of the family can log in to the portal at one time.

Downloadable Instructions:

PDF: how to register for members site pdf

Word Document: how to register for members site 

Link to SESMA Members Portal:

If you have any problems then please contact Master Wayne on 07739 914 684