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July 19th Lifting of Covid Restrictions

SESMA Martial Arts Uk

July 19th Lifting of Covid Restrictions

Its great news that BoJo and the Government are lifting regulations and that we can go back to some form of normality.

Though many of the community have been vaccinated, I have had parents contact me to say that their child is in isolation due to a positive test within their school class. I’m sure we would all love to think the virus has gone away and everything will be back to pre-covid, but I think Covid will remain to impact on our lives.

At SESMA we like to take every student and parent (SESMA Family) into account when making decisions about the SESMA school, which we have concerning which covid protocols we disregard or keep in place.
There are many parents that are still nervous about the lifting of all restrictions and the safety of their children ,or the transmitting of the virus to family members (this is in all aspects of the community and not singled visiting the SESMA studio).

The head instructors & partners have had a meeting and discussed what changes, if any, SESMA will make to the running of the school/classes.

We have decided that:

  • Instructors and staff will continue their twice weekly testing
  • Continue with sanitizing of hands on entry to the studio
  • Wearing of masks will be optionable
  • Staff have the right to wear a mask when speaking to students/parents.
  • Continue with individual numbered boxes for belongings
  • Also continue with the individual training areas
  • The use of the one-way system will continue
  • Individual use of focus pads or sanitize between use if sharing
  • To maintain disinfecting the training area and equipment after each class
  • Crossing of other students training areas is acceptable but kept to a minimum (Basics/Kata/Team Games)
  • Sparring or contact partner drills will be within a small bubble of 3-4 students & equipment sanitized between each spar/partner drill*
  • Self-defence within a class will also be put into bubbles of 2-3 students & hands will be sanitized between each drill*
  • Karate & Kickboxing classes will continue to run for 45-50mins giving Instructors/Staff time to sanitize the training areas, equipment and boxes
  • Little Dragon classes will continue to run for 30-35mins
  • We will continue with parents of Little Dragons students sitting beside their child’s training area **
  • Parents of Karate & Kickboxing students will continue to drop off and pick up at end of class time or wait in the parking area ***
  • Parents are not restricted to social distancing or Rule of 6 within the parking area

*Students will stay in a Sparring/Drills bubble for the period of their class. A student cannot change bubbles within their class. It does not mean that they are stuck in the same bubble of 3-4 students each time they attend a class on that day each week. Students will be grouped in to bubbles on the day of their class depending on height/age/experience.
It is strongly advised that students have their own sparring equipment as we will not have pads for students to borrow. (sparring pads are available from SESMA £20 for a set of hand & leg pads)

** We have found that having the parents of the Little Dragon students within the class a great benefit, to their development and the instruction of the class. The instructor can spend more time teaching the LDs techniques and developing their motor skills, and not spending the whole class time correcting which leg they have in front, or which arm they are blocking with.

*** The instructors have noticed a huge improvement with the junior students with increased focus and work rate compared to pre lockdown, when parents were waiting in the studio. So we would like to continue with the absence of parents waiting in the studio and keep the improvement and increased development of the students.
Parents of Beginners Intro students are welcome to watch their child for the first couple lessons.
We have found that new beginners that are a little nervous or lack confidence, need that little reassurance that their parents are close by. After a couple of classes, the parents are asked to wait in the parking area.

All of the above will come in to play on Monday 19th July pending on Boris’s announcement.

Thank you all for understanding that SESMA have our students/parents and staff’s safety in mind and continuing to abide by our protocols.

Master Wayne & Team xx

SESMA Norwich martial art students karate kickboxing winning gold medals at world championships

National Martial Arts Committee - GB

in 2019 we were planning to join the National Martial Arts Committee NMAC-GB (who are part of the World Martial Arts Committee WMAC), as well as remaining with our existing association Black Belt Schools UK

Then a little virus popped its head up and changed things a little, but we are now back on track.

Many of our students and instructors have represented Great Britain under the NMAC umbrella and also Sensei William & Master Wayne have coached for the GB squad.

So it seem like the right move to make to further the development of our students and SESMA martial arts.

I will keep you posted.

sparring & self-defence

We are just waiting approval of our Covid Self-Defence & Sparring risk assessment.
Once approved we aim to start sparring and self-defence Monday 10th July.

Outline of the class structure/requirements will be available on the SESMA Members Portal Home Page soon as approval has been given.

Family Treasure Hunt trail

Sunday July 4th 10am

Come and join us for a Spy Themed Treasure Trail in the lovely village of Holt.

After you have solved all the clues and become a Master Spy, you could then join us for a picnic at the Holt Country Park Edgefield Hill, Holt NR25 6SP

Each family will be given a booklet containing clues and directions with a mission answer grid to help break the code and save the day.

Approx 1.5 hours of clue finding and then if interested a picnic after.
Meeting 10am at the Church St, Holt NR25 6BB (bigger carpark)

We have about 5 families show interest so far, be great if we could have some more.

No prize for the winning team just Bragging rights.

Remember to bring a Pen.


Google & Facebook Reviews

To help with my google placing on searches SEO stuff 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

May i ask parents and students if you would be kind enough to leave a review on both Google & Facebook.

Please follow the links:

GOOGLE: Click Here to leave a review 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sesmastudio/

Thank you to those students & parents that have recently left me a review on Google, and thank you in advance to everyone else.

Breakasaurus T-Rex

🥳🥳🥳 We have done it 🥳🥳🥳

You have raised the amount needed for the Break Charity Breakasaurus T-Rex
Thank you to all that donated
I am expecting some photos from the Jurassic Park on the Isla of Nublar soon on the progress of our Breakasaurus.
I believe the incubation is going well.
We were luckily enough to do the Dragon trail in 2015 which was great fun and brought together many of the sesma students.
The students draw designs for the Dragon & pasted their designs on to the dragon (see photos). https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=sesmastudio
We also had Dragon trail picnics, competitions and other fun activities for the whole family.
We are looking at doing the same with our Breakasaurus T-rex.
sesma martial arts t-rex

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Last month and this month I posted a Fitness Challenge for all to take part in daily over the month.

They start fairly easy and gradually get more challenging over the month as the fitter you become.

Come on join in, nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

Available to find on the SESMA Portal under Interesting Stuff.
Also available on the SESMA Members Club facebook page.

We are open during the Summer School Holidays

plus extra kata sessions

SESMA will run classes during the school summer holidays as normal and only close on August Bank Holiday Monday (30th Aug)

We will also be running extra Kata classes during the week days for those students that need to catch up on katas missed during the Lock Downs.

All students will be notified of the dates and times (once arranged) via Email, SMS and facebook.

Bookings will then need to be made via the sesma members portal.

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