June Newsletter 2023

Chloe No# 1 in the UK

Sensei Chloe was selected to compete in the England Premier League held in Manchester.

S’Chloe competed in 2 categories, Those that are on the Autistic Spectrum and the Female over 18yrs.

Chloe came 5th in the Females over 18yrs but…..

Smashed it in the Autistic Spectrum category winning Gold and being the No#1 in England Whoop Whoop!!!!

This is awesome and what an amazing role model Chloe is to all the SESMA Students but to those that have ADHD or ASD.

It goes to show that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish ANYTHING.

SESMA Martial Arts Chloe wins gold karate
Sensei Chloe with her Gold Medal

New Ladies Only Kickboxing Class


New Ladies Kickboxing/Fitness/Self Defence class starting 7th June

Today it was confirmed that Hannah Earley, who is a SESMA Kickboxing Black Belt, works as a fitness professional instructor for David Llyod and ATP Matt Phillpot.

The classes will incorporate the teaching of kickboxing, combination of different types of fitness (fat burn/strength/toning) and self defence.

Its going to be an awesome weekly class.

1st class starts Wednesday 7th June 10-10:45am at the SESMA Studio.

8 Week Course £40   Booking via EventBrite

Grading Coming Next Month and Karate Yellow Belts & Above will need know their new kata

KATA Friday Class Times

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Above

KATA Friday 2nd June

For Yellow Belts & Above

For students that are on the Advance /Elite packages (2 classes per week) there is the dedicated KATA class that concentrates solely on your grade and kata.

Each class has 2-3 instructors to help you get your kata its best, but you will still need to practice at home too.

We are extremely awesome instructors, but you still need to do some work yourself.

Yellow belts and above will need to perform the new kata for their next belt.

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

Taverham Fayre Demo

Saturday 24th 12:15pm
Due to a collecting of circumstances
SESMA will not be able to preform at the Taverham Fayre this year

Grading Assessments Start on Monday 3rd July

For Red Belts & Above.
Details on how the grading assessments work please follow the link HERE

Does not include Little Dragons.

Norwich Grading 5th August

Norwich Karate Dates & Times:
Sunday 5th August

9am -11am Red, Yellow & Orange Belts,
11am-1pm Green, 2nd Green, Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
1pm-3pm Purple, Brown & 2nd Brown Belts

Norwich Kickboxing Times: 
Sunday 5th August

3pm White-Green Junior & Senior
5pm 2nd Green – 2nd Brown Junior & Senior

Step By Step of foot positions for IL Jang

When achieving Yellow Belt, your karate gets a little more challenging.
To grade for your Orange Belt, you now have to learn a Kata which is a series of moves in a pattern that have been passed down the generations of instructors.
SESMA provide many ways to help you learn the pattern and sequence of moves.
We have Kata Week at the studio, Kata Friday once a month, Videos below showing you the moves, print out booklets and also step by step footprint layouts and a short video of each step including the turns.

For a print out of the layouts, please follow the link.

kata footprint printout copy HERE

Did you know ?

Did you know you are not restricted to a set training day?

We have had recently a few parents asking if they can come to a different class day due to a commitment.

You may change your training days as and when and if you miss a week, you can pick up
an extra class the following week.

White to Red Belt Grading

The next White to Red belt grading is on Saturday 3rd June the SESMA Studio

Karate 10am     Kickboxing 12pm

Those that are ready, would have been given an Invitation to the grading and have had a phone call.

More details available here: https://sesma.co.uk/white-to-red-belt-grading-details/

More NERF WARS Dates

Some more Nerf Battle Dates for your diary.

Booking is open too.

Nerf Gun Parties at SESMA Martial Arts Studio Norwich

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